Suicide Note: Tale of a spineless cuckhold fagget

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A 26 year old, University of Nairobi graduate has shocked the country after he penned down a chilling note detailing why he wants to commit suicide. Alex Mutuku, an IT expert, who was earlier this year linked by police to the Safaricom fake credit scam and alleged hacking of the NIC Bank system, claimed that he wants to kill himself after he was cheated on by his girlfriend. The suicidal note narrates how Alex’s ex-girlfriend cheated on him, with over four guys, just days after she had accepted his proposal to marry her.
Here is the shocking note;

“Hello everyone,My name is Alex and I have never been suicidal but these last 3 weeks have changed me. I have gone from being engaged to being suicidal. I have NEVER had anything in my life depress me, I mean, I have two pending court cases lots of other stuff that really stresses me but not to the point of being suicidal. Why you ask? Not love. Lies, betrayal, more lies and lastly regret. Here’s my story.
I have been in a serious relationship for 6 years now. Doing everything together…shopping…finances…etc until March 2015 just after we got engaged. After that weekend, I got cheated on the next week Tue. I believe in dialogue. I asked why. Quite frankly she said she doesn’t know why. And since she’s slept with 4 other guys, I said enough is enough. I ended that. Moved on.Now what really got me is that since our engagement was in Mombasa Southern Palms, we bought some gifts for friends and all that. So she said, “Swirie, I want you to buy a hand beaded bracelet for my friend Martin” which I did. It’s like the one attached.Now after I have come to learn that Martin is this guy, I have never been able to let that slide. Walai nimejaribu but fk! I bought a present for the same guy who WAS/IS f*g her! That really messed me up. It crushed me. It’s one thing to sleep with her but it’s another for me to fund it and buy a gift for him. Think about it. That has broken me up psychologically. Now while still trying to deal with that, this is what happened today. When we broke up, we were mature. No need for the tantrums and all that. And since we used to live together [We were supposed to get married this year], she had to move out so I said okay fine, I will help you move out. Buy new house stuff and all. So she looked for a house, I paid the rent [12,500] and today was the moving in. So I bought a bed, mattress, cooker, gas etc… All that stuff. Rem, I am doing this to help her.So there is me and some hired guys with Mkokotenis and running up and doing TRM. By 7 pm, she had everything. Now here is the part that has just landed the last blow. She had forgotten her one handbag at my place so we agreed I bring it as the last item. I drove to Roysambu and when I got back, here is Martin at the gate! I mean after doing everything for her, and when the house is ready, that f*****r appears! Man I just felt like crap! Up to now I still do feel that. I know the love is not there but I felt so disrespected. Couldn’t even wait I drop the hand bag and go. It felt to me like the ni madharau. After everything I just did.
What has really driven me down…
1. That guy is not like Usher Raymond/CB/…etc. I mean I know for sure I am more handsome. Doesn’t the general rule say that we only f**k upwards not downwards?! That has really perplexed me. Makes me wonder nina shida gani!
2. I have done everything for this girl…paid her school fees…applied jobs for her [even did the aptitude tests] till she got one…bought her a car…gave here money [In tunes of millions] but yet she isn’t satisfied. I have even asked her and she has no answer!
3. Yea cheating I can live with that. But all this? Disprespect afterwards…even after all my sacrifice? No.
Lessons to everyone else. Don’t end up like me.
1. A whore is a whore…No matter what.
2. Never invest in a relationship – Moneywise.
3. Family first, always.

[I]To my family,I love you guys. I will always do. I’m sorry. Hope you understand. And please try to forgive me. Delvine murdered me. Not by her cheating. That I could live with . It’s what she did after that I can’t bear. I wish I had lessons on how to handle this. Maybe it would be different. My will is on the table” [/SIZE]

Ni @Davidee

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That Martin guy must be dicking that chic real good and his game top level. No other explanation. You can’t do all that for a chic and she gets that reckless for nothing.


I wonder if anyone drew a picture of HOYA on that suicide note when they found it…

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He has money but unfortunately is short and stupid si angejiua tu and the dame aendelee kukua dicked by the martin guy,kwanza he furnished her new house and most likely the Martin guy baptized all the furniture in the house with a good dicking of the chic… yes longdick style


Si umekasirika :confused::confused::confused:

hii ni ugonjwa ya huyu jamaa haina tiba, ama ni game amecheza ndio court impeleke polepole

Woishe …tht woman is the devil

This guy ignored signals from the word go.

witch signals. Hebu tueleze.

I don’t know whether to pity him or not. Breakup doesn’t mean that you continue funding her lifestyle. …it’s means getting back everything you bought for her…everything! Including that bracelet. That’s the only pay back stupid!


which signals. Hebu tueleze.

that guy’s stupidity is legendary I see why the girl saw him as a doormat

Maybe he thot she would see the good man shes leaving n change her mind…bt hajui selfish pple r jst tht selfish

I’m drunk kiasi so I could not read the whole HEKAYA. Ulikua na mbisha???

Some things are just laughable. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:Adios niga, hope u reincarnate as martin.:stuck_out_tongue:

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D niggar please sisi kesi tunazo and we dont do stupid shit

aha! who does that? so if the girl would have humbled herself and cried he would have taken her back? I think the girl saved him a lot of heartache in future

Karma is a bitch. What goes around comes around. Pesa ya mwizi huliwa na malaya.

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Nigga is crying over spilt milk and hanging around waiting for sympathy from the girlfriend. He is an idiot. Hope he went ahead with his plans. We don’t need such weaklings amongst us.