Suicidal, Genocidal PSV Drivers

Its now been confirmed that the 28 year old German pilot deliberately crashed the plane into the Alps killing all 150 unlucky souls onboard…Have you ever boarded a bus or mat and after a glance at the driver a shudder goes down your spine and instinct tells you to alight?

Yes a driver like you… Wewe c dereva wa mat za ronga…

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Apana na wewe ??

mimi kuna siku nimechukua WEPESI kutoka nakuru to nairobi…kufika mai mahiu dere akaanza kuongoe in tongues kama anatetemeka…sijawai ona wanaume wamebabaika hivyo,hata sijui vile tuliruka kutoka kwa hiyo gari, hata chumvi ya ngombe ilikuwa kwa carrier sikurudia


Most times nikiboard basi za Thika road I feel my heart almost leaping through my mouth, kwanza zikinegotiate corner. It feels ni kama pande moja hujiinua and the bus could do the windmill move.

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Am always thankful when I get a traffic jam going down Valley Rd.Between DOD and Integrity Centre, I can swear there’s a point these stupid matatu drivers break the sound barrier when the road is clear.If you have never experienced it, you don’t know the real meaning of holding your intestines in your fist.


if you want your hair to stand on end board a githurai bus na ukae hapo mbele na deree, this guys are on a parmanent unholy alliance with the devil coz of the illegal substances they have smoked and drunk, they relish scaring the smaller vehicles with their loud palaliras and grin stupidly once they bully someone off their lane as they drive at breakneck speed and take corners without a touch of the break pedal and all this time he is stuffing mogoka in his mouth.
Its better to sit in the back usione hii maneno yote.
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This was on march 18

Tafadhali usitaje mambo ya speed kama hujatumia Nbi-Meru-Nanyuki route in a 14-seater mathree driven at, well, break-neck speed.


hebu tuambie vile iko kwa hio route

With all the meanders, steep hills & descents on the route, the phrase ‘having your heart in your mouth’ has never been so real.

especially if the driver is high on something

waaaah mbathi za githurai… especially ukikaa nyuma kwa dirisha… utaskia kuokotwa nje

The way they take corners, one feels like they’re about to turn to liquid, adrenaline levels almost shoot up. I even prefer the Thika Nissan matatus. Hao madere ni kama co-pilot wa Germanwings.

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Hizo basi ni hatari, sometimes I prefer mbathi mzee hudriviwa na dere corinthian, ama 14 seater 237.

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Hahaha, experienced this shit last September. I wasn’t laughing then. The vehicle was a 7L KBE. Aki walai karibu nikojoe. Was my first time and was using Google maps to explore the area before travel. We did the like 80km in slightly above 30 minutes! No traffic or police on that route.

Edit: must be the influence of Miraa. Coming/going to Meru, all men in the matatu seem to have small black paper bags full of the leaves

hiyo ya meru nanyuki ni noma sana kuna siku before alcoblow nilikuwa nafanya kazi meru lakini tulikuwa tunaendea pombe afco just after nanyuki…niliona accident moja ya trailer na nissan… the next day nikaenda kanisani nikaokoka…

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You don’t know nothing if you’ve never hiked a lift from the miraa pickups.

That’s suicidal!

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worst drivers are Githurai 45 buses, Meru Nissans and the worst those Miraa tu Probox.

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i think githurai 45 drivers take the biggest slice of the pie when it comes to murderous driving