we should have a chanell to discuss and share “sensitive” info kama za vpns bundles mwitu billa getting spied on, bwana @admin itawezekana kweli?

And how would you vet everyone in this channel to know they arent spies? Pinky-swear?:confused:


atleast make it “invicible” to google n non members

U can create a dark market kenyan version for such

Am we can create a telegram group for such. Strictly no phone numbers just user names.

good idea if u ask me

Wait, what kind of sensitive info are we talking about?

sharing vpns and things like codes za bundles mwitu and airtime

uko sure wewe si SNITCH???




There was a guy back in klist by incognito @ludacris he was very good but he was a snitch

I wonder how can one be a snitch on klist??

I followed him up en somehow he has some connections with orange…en if am wrong then he must be really good.

[SPOILER="Nice Idea "] [ATTACH=full]7078[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]7079[/ATTACH] [/SPOILER]

Haha. For real?

hahaha ala mwenye macho?!..

You’ll even forget how much bundles cost. If only I knew the trick.

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worry not, there come a time…