Sugar Greetings

BREAKING NEWS; Kiambu Women Rep Gathoni Wa Muchomba admits to having received a Ksh 10,000 bribe in a toilet at parliament buildings from MP Fatuma Gedi.

"We shared money in the toilet, ten thousand each but I didn’t know it was a bribe, until we got into parliament and I was told the 10,000 shillings was sugar greetings, " she admitted.

Wamuchomba was testifying before a parliamentary committee chaired by Speaker of National Assembly Justin Muturi probing allegations of bribery to squash the controversial sugar committee.


Huku tunakula mercury na hatusumbui 1 kg ni 80 bob

Ukiona an Mp taking ksh. 10,000 as bribe… Jua niku noma…

Kiambu really effed up last year.

This is what we need…to be successful though…
Polish prosecutors say they have foiled a planned terror attack against the president, cabinet ministers and MPs.
A 45-year-old academic researcher has been arrested on suspicion of planning to detonate four tonnes of explosives in a vehicle at the parliament building during a budget debate, they say.

an honorable sugar greetings

Dabo m naona kwako telekram kunawaka moto.wamekula msee wa v8 pia

Hii jike lazima akona kasoro flani.

eetawa “wamutomba”
huyu lazma aliangusha parachute kwa hio choo

A radio presenter turned politician.

Dabo M (@Meria Mata - or - Muthoni wa Muchomba) ?

mchana kwanza bana nduthi gang


Anti-corruption have an admission of guilt right there. These people earn 1M+ na haitoshi?

ongeza PM squared