How true is this?

@admin kwani ulirusha @sani Siberia.Hajaonekana hapa tangu MCAs waruke Arror 10 feet high

Huyu aliendaga retire. Hebu angalia ‘last seen’ yage.

Came back with 2 new handles

Okay,wacha tuone vile @spear ata spin the narrative this time.round

Naona period ya disinformation imeanza, I wonder to what end for those instigating it. Any kalenjin can tell you there’s nothing inciting there. Sudi is talking about making it even, the seemingly untouchable dynasties who own huge illegally acquired tracts of land in the mau should also undergo the same fate as the less fortunate who were subjected to misery. He claims they’ll revoke titles from the dynasties too

Poritics ya 2022

Who will be classified as collateral damage in that exercise ? Na nani ameambia Sudi watachukua serikali ?

Very True. Handcheque and cerelac teams are very mad that all is well in RV. They want to force division or even instigate violence to divide people back to the tribal cocoons.

Right now Kalenjin respect everyone because they are considered DP Uncle Ruto votes. They will touch any Kikuyu, Luhya, maasai etc because they are all united under Hustler. The only group threatening violence and periodically using it is the state and its political cronies. However ironically they also preach some fake violence threat from others than they conceive from their imagination. Our politics is that strange. The person with the monopoly of violence, evicting people in the dead of the night is the one preaching against imaginary violence from rivals.

All in all, this is probably the worst time for anyone in RV to be talking about land evictions. The masses on the ground might interpret it differently.

Facts remain facts, no matter the government of the day

Sudi ni wa handcheque? Sudi anasema hawa wamesahau, wametuzoea, tutawafurusha. Halafu unasema handcheque want to force division. Kwani Sudi ni wa handcheque?

He successfully spun his narrative… Si, umeona…? :smiley:

Haha pure incitement hakuna kitu sudi amesema which the subtitles are saying

Hehe…yaani you know you’re looking at an apple but someone is strongly trying to convince you that you must be seeing wrong and you need your eyes checked, 'cos ni chungwa

:D:D:D weka translation ya kiturgen!