Sudi :Rotich was used ,he is a sacrificial lamb

Huyu jamaa should consult PR experts before making statements or rather outbursts to the media.

Sudi needs to shut up. He is thinking ethnically and forgetting that Rotich and Uhuru go way back.

what do bonobos expect when they elect a makanga for an mp:D:D:D:D

Kenya to the dogs!!

Sudi is vocal akiwa na raia but akiwa kwa Bunge he never utters a single word. Meffiii yeye.

DP Ruto should realize that this guy is a liability to him.
If The DP doesn’t become The PORK in 2022, I have a very strong feeling that Sufi will feature prominently in the ICC … as an accused in crimes against Humanity.
As for the “Humanity”… jijazie mwenyewe

The coward, wakati president alikuwa anafungua rivatex alikuwa wapi? si alikuwa amekunja mkia pahali hapo kwa dias.

Keter was the same. The chap ended up neutered…

He is targeting the rural folks in Kapsaret with such talks. He knows the talks elevate his status and will guarantee re-election in 2022. t

but about the kenyatta wealth he is spot on, i dont know why people give kenyatta family a pass na mali yao ni mingi zaidi

Spot on. The kenyatta family has dry fried this nation tangu independence mpaka saa hii na watu wanataka kusema ruto ndio namba one mwizi? Watu wa Hii nchi kweli wako na kichaa.

He could be having a point in regards to Uhuru destroying small businesses.

yes they go way back but something tells me Rotich has now aligned with Ruto. Uhuru is not known kupeana watu wake…

Sudi must not muddy the water. Rotich wameiba billions in the Kimwerer and Aror dams project. Everything else ni kelele

Rotich aligned with ruto juzi tu last year, uhuru is a user he doesnt play around

:Dna jeshi wale waliamka mapema? Hawajapeanwa

None of you is smarter than Sudi. He’s the best of Kenya. Him, Sonko, Mutahi Ngunyi, Waititu, Dr Ruto, Ramadhani Kajembe…

I am imagining time ya Moi uite press conference useme Moi kazi imekushinda. Angekuwa Nyayo chambers saa hii and the TV station ifungwe.

Hahaaa…Those days hatari