Successful man+virgin Akorino woman = long lasting marriage and many years of life guaranteed

Marry this type of girl and forget all kunguru problems forever plus live to the ripe old age of 100+ years

Fine ghel but craves attention and validation from strangers.If you can put up with that, all the best.

I’d fuck her with the kilemba on… (if she were to remove it… She’d become a kawaida jane)

To them everything revolves around their religion, ile ya our religion is the best like muslims

Hii ni Corinthian kunguru. Zile boro kuma yake imemeza…

boro ni?

a clit is still a clit even a turbaned one

unaeza pata ako na character ya shetani. uchoyo, uchokozi, tunnel vision, laziness, roho chafu…

Her user name betrays her, huyu anatambua ulimwengu.

Kunguru Gene detected,hio Gene haibagui , religion ,race, education, color, age and location

Shiny eye ni yule yule tu. How long before her natural instincts get the better of her fake humility?

The “m” is implied, thus mboro. How slow can you get?

you should meet Karwimbo Mukurino and hear his escapades

In college I had one classmate from I think Ol-Kalou that was a bit sexually active and a shiny eye. She had a liking for dim eyes and at one point fell for one of the niggers in my circle though it never lasted. After college she got married with a wedding na hapo ndo I saw her siblings photos, wakorino nikajua dem ni mkorino aliona mbele. Let not that Kilemba fool you.

What is tunnel vision?

SImply mtu mjinga and not a fast thinker


seeing only a small patch of a big area. or just having little understanding of a wide subject and be unwilling to look at/understand the rest.


ukwer mwarimu