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I believe in myself do you believe in me?

Why do you repeat the same song over and over and over? It sounds like a cat dipped in hot tar put in a barrel going down hill.
I will not sugar coat and tell you ati “unajaribu” ama “nice work”,that rendition is gulag grade torture song.
Leta different tune ama re-do the song without the bladi reverb echo ghost voices, more vibrancy needed with percussions . Looks like you made the music from specific events or experiences that you’ve had, making it very relatable to others but bruh your song needs to have great chords, melodies, and lyrics, but also should create some sort of reaction,make head bounce and spin the track again, or evoke a specific emotion.You know a food song when you hear one [SIZE=1]Take this as a progressive criticism,nime subscribe to support you,but will not comment for obvious reasons[/SIZE]

Refund my wasted bundles.

:smiley: Damn! You’re a cold mofo. You remind me of this.

get yourself a better DAW otherwise you’re wasting time

points taken but even so i believe in progress and no one is really that good when they are starting and the fact that the song is recorded with a mobile phone you understand and subscribe to motivate my stupid ass bana