subaru outback

those with experience with this vehicle. what would be your input regarding owning one.
nisaidieni na advise.

No regrets stable on the road

Patia sisi details kiasi? Which model year ,turbo ,non turbo , manual/ automatic/ Cvt ,petrol / diesel ?

Gari mzuri sana…once you own one no regrets.

While at it… I need someone to give leads on steering rack… Used or new bora its a fairer price to what Subaru kenya is offering

2005, cvt, llbean

If your pockets can afford the maintenance, not the purchase, then go ahead and enjoy yourself. What i mean is research and see what it’s service and running costs are, so you know where to place yourself.

If it’s the electric power steering rack (new model Subarus), PLEASE PLEASE buy a new one. Don’t buy used, you will surely regret it.


thanks. though it won’t be for daily use. I find public transport convenient enough. however in my profession and current undertakings I find I need a vehicle because it convenient then since it involves being called late at night.

I have a 2011 2.4l Outback. It’s my first car so there’s nothing else i can compare it to. But it handles really well even at high speeds. Very fun for highway cruising.

I have taken it for some mild offroading and it hasn’t gotten stuck so far.

If you have a family, you’ll love the space. Plenty of legroom in the back and cargo area is huge. The back can fit three adults easily or even three car seats for kids.

As for features, my favourite is eyesight. It’s a couple of cameras at the front that allow adaptive cruise control. It’s very convenient in stop and go traffic.

Performance wise it’s not too bad but acceleration is a bit lagging. In sport mode, it accelerates fairly quickly, making overtaking easier on highways.

Fuel consumption is high if you drive a lot in traffic or you are the vroom vroom kind of driver.

But it’s not that bad for long distance trips.

Currently, i average about 10.9km/l combined highway and city driving.

Maintenance is not expensive. Apart from a major checkup, the only thing i spend money on is oil changes.

Anything else you want to know?

Clearly you own a car you can’t afford to maintain…

how did you come to that conclusion? by OP requestnig a steering rack?

Its the new model one… Thanks for the heads up.

Prudence dimwit…

Requesting a second hand spare part. If you really are capable of maintaining a car as it ought to, you can’t and must not go for second hand or non-genuine parts. It is pretty straightforward.

Kindly explain what you mean by convenient in stop go traffic?

Eyesight or any other adaptive cruise control maintains distance between your car and the one in front, it automatically brakes and speeds up relative to the vehicle in front. This removes the cognitive load of you applying throttle and brake inputs, which is handy if your car is a bit powerful. All you have to do is steer, hence very convenient in stop go traffic

Go for it.I hope you did all the stunts with your first car,Outback is for humble n disciplined fellows

As of Thursday next week I’ll join the Outback driving community. Nitakupatia feedback then.

Getting the 2016 Outback Limited with 30 sousand on the odometer.