subaru legacy BH5

What are the pros and cons of this car?

@1776 saidia huyu @panktcha

Acha niseme haraka haraka kabla watu wa Toyota wafike:

Haina resale value

iv noticed… theyre selling at 400-500k only

Watu wa Toyota,what do they know about Subarus?

Nice solid car that can take you anywhere as long as you stick to scheduled service. Solid and dependable all wheel drive; very important where there are no roads. Have had mine since 2007 and after putting 150k kilomitres on it, cant complain. Just normal oil changes and an occasional bush, bulb or rack end going out. Stable at high speeds but never test the limits of physics in it. Avoid roadside garages. Dont ignore preventive maintainance as breakdowns are slighly expensive. Fuel consumption slightly on the “higher” side but that is compensated by an enjoyable ride. Go for the naturally aspirated 2.0 or the 2.5 Lancaster with more bells and whistles. If fuel is no problem for you, go for a 2.0 GT. More enjoyable to drive given the turbo.

very precise and honest review
meanwhile wacha ningoje comments za watu wa toyota


Kama Braza mimi ndio expert wa magari hapa kijiji. Fanya hivi nunua Mazda Carol, pelekea @introvert aiweke Bespoke na Sleeper. Majuto kwako yatakuwa hayati.

Ahsante Sana.

Thanks for this bro! Can I get a good one for 450k?

You can’t get a food one leave alone a good one. Nunua Mazda Carol my fren

Dowry ya huyu Carol ni ngombe na mbuzi ngapi ?
Is she Japanese (mazda) ama ni Kienyenji ?
By the way small cars are underestimated but they serve the purpose of town errands and ocassional upcountry trips without breaking the bank.
Living within your means.

Yes you can but that is on the higher side. Make sure everything is intact at that price else push the deal to 400k or lower. Hio 50k tumia kufanya touch ups here and there. Get a trusted mechanic to check out the bushes, shocks and diff’s for you. Kama zimechapa wachana nayo coz they might cost you a tidy 150k. Many Subaru owners take good care of their cars but some are morons. Be patient in your search. I am sure you can get a clean unit with your budget.

OK. And how is the cost of spares and service…

I agree with you on this .The moronic trait is spreading to other brands e.g Toyota Noah with spades at the back.

Another thing, check the state of the body and engine bay. They are a general indicator of the owner’s philosophy and how well the car has been taken care of. They have to be clean. No two ways about it. So ninja asikwambie eti gari ni engine. Kama body imechapa, walk. Kama engine bay is greasy and generally dirt, walk.

Related to motoring ,I confirmed Kenyans are peculiar lot.Some months back i was selling a Toyota Starlet EP91 and most of those who contacted me were sceptical only for the vehicle to be bought by a mhindi who a week later posted on olx and sold it at 330k.The selling point was Asian owned as usual someone who seems to trust Asians bought it only to end up with a logbook iko na jina ya shiny eye.The nigga called me requesting my hand since the logbook was under my name and the vehicle transfer form was also under my name all the “Asian” did was buy from me and sell it a week later to a gullible Kenyan.

Spares are not all that expensive and they last. However, if you compare with Toyota or Nissan as most Kenyans are wont to, they appear a little pricy. Let mevtry to break it down for you
Minor service (recommended after every 5,000km. You can also opt for intervals after every 10,000 km with appropriate oil though not recommended for our environment)
parts -kshs.2,500
oil -kshs. 2,000
Labour -kshs. 500(petrol station which is ok), kshs.1500-2000 at a specialist garage or free if you are a DIY guy.
Major service( after every 25000 km)
Oil filter- kshs. 700
Air filter- kshs. 1,500
Fuel filter- kshs. 4,500
ATF filter- kshs. 2,500
ATF fluid - kshs. 4,500
Spark plugs- kshs.7,600
Labour- kshs. 4,000 at specialist garage or free if you are a DIY guy.
Preventive maintainance(after every 100,000 km)
Replace timing kit, approx. 40,000
Hope this helps.

Doesn’t a turbo help in fuel reduction if driven normally?

We tend to misuse the extra power that comes with the turbo by trying to prove a point on the road.
Its like a pay increase at work one tends to spend more with unnecessary things like upgrading your car to a more “classy” one. :):):):slight_smile: