Subaru impreza G4

Now guys this is a very short review. Actually not a review just a short praise. I dont like subarus. I have never owned one and i have never had plans to own one.
But last on august a friend of mine wanted ditch his toyota raum for something newer. Came for advice from i said i dont tell people what car to buy but told him whatever you decide i will get you guys to bring it into the country. Lucky i had another friend of mine that works at subaru kenya. He told him get the G4 impreza.

Long story short he decided that was the car he is gona buy. And we hop into beforward and get one with 239 333 km milage. Ya you read that right. At 200k ksh plus shipping and bla bla cost rose to 360k ksh i think.The guy paid and immediately the car was on it way here.
It got here last week and it had stayed at the go downs for 6 days as we planned vile tunateremka. Called The clearing agent edwin who i have known for 6years akesema ushuru ni 433679 ksh . My jama wired the cash and we went to consolidated base changamwe to pick the car.
The car was all dusty. But a beauty still. We get papers and pap we go pick the plates. Soo this car is quick, reaally quick, i didnt believe its a 1500cc, handles really well. However there still some road noise in the cabin. Its not as bad as the old impreza. the interior has soft touch materials on the dash doors, arm rests. Man in a fielder or axio it would have all been plastics.
I ddnt see a guage cluster showing me fuel consumption so i wont be able to say anything about fuel consumption

I dont know about realibility or spares by my subaru guy says this things aint expensive vile

So should you consider it if you shopping for a car definitely yes

With all honesty, Subarus, leave alone the new “Toyobaru” or whatever shit this guys are making nowadays… the earlier models are great vehicles… really great i have one and i can attest to that though it’s currently grounded on breaking timing while at 100KM/H. Need a new rebuild. Still funding the budget. Pricey though

Hata picha ya odometer hakuna?

Was it a turbo or nonturbo?

The G4 is either 1600cc or 2000cc. Subaru’s have the most reliable engines if serviced at regular intervals and have their belts changed. You can easily clock 500,000 km in them

Honestly didnt even think of taking one… maybe it because i was the one driving it in mombasa. The only pic i took was for a 2013 forester that was for auction this 24th

Non turbo

Cheap car but well above average… couldnt believe it had soft touch materials in the cabin.

hizi ni nini?

Anyway at that mileage jamaa akuwe ready kubadilisha timing belt and kit…lakini kuna watu wanajiaminia, importing kitu iko na 220K miles?

Noma sana

One would argue that is an import is a better option vehicle than a locally used one despite the miles on it

How did you get a 200,000 ksh subaru on befoward. Cheapest nishawai ona ni 5k dollars. Tupe ujanja

by the time gari inauzwa $2000 just know iko grade 3/5…unaleta mashida tu kenya

Now let me tell you the secret. The moment we got to ganjoni near mapembeni, the car had no plates and this guy approached us and asked hio ni ya showroom tupunguze. we told him no this one ishafikia mwenyewe.
I never used to believe it but milage hupunguzwa apo mombasa. The only thing with the car it came with no alloy wheels, it didnt even have rim caps on it.

70k more. 200 aint far fetched. Then high milage chances are that you major maintenance schedules have already been done huko. Japanesse dont skip their maintenance since most use recommended schedules

High milage cars in japan will be cheap because of one reason, EMISSIONS. Permit haupati. Utaeka gari kwa nyumba. You guys i have seen people with 300k milage apa na gari zinakimbia tu vizuri

My point exactly. People buy third hand cars hapa all the time with 200k on the odometer even 300k. And they still run.
I am impressed at that price lemme check if i can find one at such a price


In total hii gari inaeza cost how much mpaka ifike kwangu ikiwa na plates?

800-850k hapo for 1500cc and 850-900 for a 2000cc.
I am in the market for a car but i had already settled for a local legacy 2006 non turbo. @hunningale has made me think twice about my choice.

Nilinunua subaru sh5 na 1.2m this sounds like a good deal ya kutafutia second in command

Mi nataka wrx haijachokorwa local naeza pata

900 k