Subaru Impreza Anesis

Anyone here who owns this car? How is it, I mean compared to a regular 2011 allion or Premio. Billionaires, kindly keep off this thread @Bingwa Scrotum et al. I am just a guy with some questions. I saw the car and I really liked its aesthetics but I have absolutely no idea on its performance e.g fuel economy, spares, how easy it is for the regular mechanic to repair etc. A quick check across various platforms reveals that it costs less than 1 mil while the primeo would set me back 1.3mil. I need to know whether I will be saving any money just by changing a logo. 300k is a lot this days.

this car is a joint venture between Toyota and Subaru …that by itself soils the Subaru emblem it dons …it reminds me of the Exiga

That said, why are you talking all these informed talk yet all you want is a Toy? [SIZE=1]ota[/SIZE]

Oranges and mangoes
That impreza is a small car really. If you are tall or need some space its not the best. The 2.0 can be ideal fast runabout, but has little presence because its small. The 1.5 is cheith and there is no reason you would buy it except for shallow pockets. Premio is bigger and has got a reasonable 2.0 and 1.8 offers na inaheshimika kiasi. Exterior for premio is bland since 2007 and looks too simple. and they have got that CVT chieth. there is that mazda posted here sometimes ago. it was tops. ooh and that impreza has those half doors ni kama material ziliisha wakitengeneza

Kwa hivyo primeo is still worth that extra cash? Perhaps I should stop trying to cut corners.

For me there is nothing the impreza offers above what the premio would offer and has many downsides. The impreza despite being small is not a looker at all. I would rather BMW 1series, still cheaper than premio, similar maintenance cost, but its a german car so upholstery and exterior finishing is nicest. Even Axio Luxel beats the impreza. Unaeza buy allion 2011 kama premio inakaa ubaba sana. Allion and premio are identical cars mechanically and interior, but only different outside. There are also different trims with different features for almost all cars.

Buda CVT is the future.It has been adopted by many car manufacturers.Toyota Noah 2013 is limited to CVT and another 1 speed transmission.
And what do you mean by half door ? Subaru did away with frameless doors.

Ongeza hii incase you are not just looking a reason to validate your choice. No chains on side mirror ,cut off and sleepless nights.You can also get a 1330cc hybrid on Honda Civic for unrivalled fuel economy .Better interior compared to the other and still within the budget.
Legendary reliabilty they say.
Highly recommended by the Ktalk Honda brand ambassador who only owns a Honda lawn mower.;s=644x461;olx-st/_2_.jpg;s=644x461;olx-st/_3_.jpg;s=644x461;olx-st/_4_.jpg;s=644x461;olx-st/_6_.jpg;s=644x461;olx-st/_7_.jpg;s=644x461;olx-st/_8_.jpg

CVT is chieth and currently its very crude. Until they make it work nicely. Like the automatic shift had to wait for decades until efficiency rose to acceptable levels and the intelligence systems improved, and only then could people give up manual for it.
I hadnt observed that subaru did away with those funny cheap doors. But i think that particular subaru could still have those doors.

Frameless door ziliisha 2008 if i am not wrong and what the talker is looking for is 2010 >

Nunua Mazda Atenza

I have a friend who bought one. Cheap resonating plastic interior, Then the road noise at mere 60km per hour. Fuel economy is good, dnt knw about maintance. The audio was an unexpectedly fair…

iko mazda niliona inakaa panty remover fyam sana

Hio lazima ni Axela. Kuna beste yangu who has a blue one, slay queens even pose for photos with it

Atenza ndio fyam said. It’s a looker, 2.0 or 2.5 engines na pia kuna manual transmission option. What else would one wish for within that budget?

Mimi ile atenza late 2012 mambo bad.

Wagon ama sedan? 2013 pia iko fiti saidi

The Honda Civic 2.0 VTEC is a great car, you will really love it. Peleka ushenzi ya fuel economy na huko.

@GoodVibes alisema anataka fuel economy.

Hiyo upussy sitambui.

Hiyo upussy sitambui. But Honda are very good with fuel economy. Better than Subaru and Yoyochiet. And they drive really well too. He should have a look at