Subaru Forester XT 2.0t vs Volvo XC60 T6 R Design 3.0 - 2015 models

Hello everyone, so, I’m in the market for a second car and I’m torn between the Subaru Forester XT and Volvo XC60 T6 3.0l R design , all 2015 models. My current car is a German, midsize sedan, which is trash off-road- I’m therefore looking for a reliable off-roader. The xc60 seems to be less popular locally, I’ve seen the XT around quite a bit. Who services these cars (mechs), especially the Volvo? Where do I get service parts in Kenya? Please advise, and thank you

why do you need an off-roader?

Go for subaru and watch this;

I own a Subaru Forester XT (2014).
I was just like you with a range of options including that Volvo XC60 and many others.
Price wise XT came cheaper but lately I’ve seen the price spike to 3.5M.
I don’t trust Kenyan mechanics when it comes to European machines moreso the sensory nerves of these vehicles, why I chose XT-one primary sensor in terms of eyesight. None kwa bumbers and body.

Performance wise and handling- xt feels great really.
Quite a number of performance subaru mechanics in the country so you almost guaranteed of better service.

You are comparing European car with a Japan wannabe performance car. XC60 is a superior car in quality, safety and offroading. When it comes to AWD do not compare Europe with Japan. Lexus RX can’t even beat the offroad capability of a Tiguan.

Shamba runs, going to ushago na road-trips here and there

The XT is amazing I agree, I’ve owned Mercs for a while now - with the right mechs, European cars can be a bliss to own. But I also think Mercs are less problematic among the European cars, hence my hesitation on the Volvo

Thank you for the input, I’ll check this out

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Thank you for the input….is the AWD on the XC60 better than the Subaru one?

XT ni gari gani lol? Ni kama kusema v8? XT is not a Forester model

Ford ranger wild track is a good to go

All I was saying is that they may not be of the same class to compare. I saw a video of Murano, Rx, Tiguan, rav 4 and BMW and those German machines were better in AWD. But for me I would go for Subaru even though it is not as luxurious as volvo

SJG is a nice ride and the new FA20 engine is a marvel of automotive engineering but the CVT transmission is ass. Then the guys at Fuji Industries insulted our intelligence further by adding paddle shifters to apparently simulate manual driving, SMH!

Mjama anarudi mashambani, August 8 ni election and anything can happen in this country

The mid sized / compact SUV / beefed up hatchbacks won’t give you much in terms of off road capabilities hapa Kenya, they are designed for slippery roads during winter, this the AWD technologies.
If you need an off road car go for the full sized SUVs the pajeros and Prados at the least they will serve you better with the local shamba conditions.
To your query between the Subaru and Volvo, kama nataka ya kuenda shambani, the Subaru will be the better choice, if you want comfort the Volvo is a winner, have used it kidogo and it’s a very comfortable car, or maybe it was the trim level.

Nunua ng’ombe kumi na tano wa maziwa na hiyo pesa. Thank me in 6 months.
1 cow produces 38L in a day. 38x15=570L per day. Uza na 50bob hiyo ni 28,500 per day. In a month uko na Kshs855,000. In 6 months utakuwa na 5.13M. Nunua ng’ombe wengine 30. In that same year utakuwa na 20M. Sasa compare na hiyo volvo unaongelelea, in 1yr itakuwa imedepreciate to 800k.

Young man, choose between 800k or 20M 1yr down the line

Amejenga kwanza ama he wants to park the volvo kwa apartment ya landlord?

Hizi ngombe zako hazikulangi and they give birth all at once and the very day you buy them. Hii ni hesabu ile ya kuuza mayai unakuwa millionaire