Subaru advice

Im looking to buy a Subaru BR9 2010 onwards hizi ex-Japan. Kuna mtu ako na experience of them aniadvise on whether they are any good? Servicing? Insurance? Handling etc? Most of the time itakuwa tu ni ya kuenda around Nai but sometimes out to the sticks.
Nimeona a few on olx around the 1.7 mark sijui kama hio ni price fair or not for the 2.5 litre turbo.

@The.Black.Templar unaitwa hapa…

hapo sawa. hio ndio bei. currently on bp5 na no complaints! ubaya ya BR9 ni kukaa kama wish. otherwise legacy/ outback ni gari za nguvu- big boot plus loads of power on the turbo version

Uliza Njoki ‘Shege’

hehehe hio iko poa…anajua ile gari anataka…na ako na pesa…hio ndio muhimu go for it @dumbe

Nice car. Just service regularly. & replace bushes & shocks/springs.

Niko na kadhaa…

Am driving a 1998 impreza, and I can attest to the fact that if this cars are well taken care, they will serve you till you hand them down to the next generation. replace worn out components with genuine parts, drive at sane speeds…you will never regret…vile @wheelz amesema hapo juu

OK. Subaru and sane speeds sounds like an oxymoron

Ice cube kimbia hapa.

Asante sana nyote. I’ll go off and buy one lakini @mariachi amenitempt kwa outback. I’ll have to check that out as well before.

outback is good. good power, good offroad and no turbo maintenance issue. it’s the best you’ll get for a non turbo one.
br9 isn’t bad either. just be ready to cough for parts and such