Style 101

Usivae suit,black shoes and white socks. You are an idiot in my books.

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I thought it’s a post on Styros…nkt! Anyway, on Styros…My favourites are Speed Bumb, sultry saddle & of course reverse cow girl!


A good car ride-speed bump, saddle-I visualize a horse galloping, Reverse cow girl-i picture you riding on a Mexican bull. Double meaning? Huh.

what makes you think that watu wenye wanavaa hivo give a damn about what you think of them?

We are addressing your ilk. We are French or Italians below our black skins.

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i wake up na ile jeans na tsho nimeona ndio navaa. suti hata babangu sikuona akivaa mimi nivae nifanyie nini

Kaka braza, sisi ni watu wa mkokoteni. Nikikupita nikitoka marikiti na waru unafikiria i’ll give a f*ck ati Webdev ameniona na suit, black shoes and white socks:D:D:D:D:D. Hapo Nairobi ya juu ndio huwa tunaona pekee. At least viazi ifike mpikiwe chips


What kind of a man are you? If your gal played u, u decide you hate all Brown girls…schupid!

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So your trying to tell me … all this year’s and I ain’t seen no Italian job nor French man’s cuisines under my black skin …? Is you crackin’ nigger!

Too put you in perspective, we cutting a deal in a 5 star all dressed up and shit. Smelling good too, natumia creed.Google that one. Sasa jamaa tuna wait anakam hio design na ati Ana tuuizia kitu flani expe. Ado agi menagoma.

Petty nigga, if you are still trying too hard to fit in and make it don’t place your mentality on others, I saw one of your threads looking to start going to blankets and wine, relax you will get used to this stuff and realize that a five-star hotel is not all that. Some of us have sold very valuable products with shorts and open shoes. Since you are still trying to fit in with something that you are obviously not very used to, you are looking out for every single glitch on everyone’s dressing. Spare everyone your ushamba, its all over your post but don’t worry just like you struggled to know how to eat a sausage with a fork and knife, going into five-star hotels will soon not intimidate you making you spend five hours in front of the mirror first meme on this site. I better be getting a trophy for this.


Suti si ya mamayako? Na sina ata moya!