[ATTACH=full]67648[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]67649[/ATTACH] I’m using a digital tele showing STV_ID. I thought STV means satelite tv yet I’m not using satellite. ID X HD showing. Other STV channels not showing. [ATTACH=full]67649[/ATTACH] Please help me understand?

Weka nudes za huyo mrembo before Luther na MM wakam.

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Make and model?

Key word.

STV ni ile package ya Shainese.

Oh Ok. So is it temporary? I’ve never come across the channel for 1 year now. It’s the only one showing in the package. That’s my favorite joh.

LG 43LF540T

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Yap. Temporary.

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No, STV means Startimes television. They do have an offer for free view during the open week running from 12th november

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12-20th Nov ,
Natgeo Wild, IDX ($$$ NOW),FOX LIFE, and 3 more, enjoy while it lasts.