Stupidity here

There is a number of people here competing to be the first to put up breaking news threads about this dead CEO or that dead governor or MP, but they will never honor their own mother or father for anything whether dead or alive. Even if their own relatives were to pass on they would like them to go as quietly as they can. mukiwaongea vibaya. takataka ghassia! mnang’ang’ana kutuwekea watu wamekufa hapa ndio tuchinje tule ama? Stupid imbeciles. excrement ya ile dogi uwesmake usema ilidedi.

You have some pent up issues that are eating you up. Enda therapy and you’ll get help

Murume niko nyuma yako kwa hio maneno

Vile @Sambamba amesema hapo juu ama the next news ni zako. Seek help, mental illness is also illness.

Kasee ulipata nangos.