stupid mpesa girl thief

Early last month after an ATM withdrawal, I entered an MPesa shop nearby and handed in 15K for deposit after counting twice. The Mpesa girl however told me I had given her 14 and we recounted together to confirm. I therefore added the missing K and we completed the transaction.
When i left i however had this niggling feeling that something about the deal had not gone right and reaching the house i recounted the cash from the withdrawal still in my pocket and found i had 24 K. So today, almost a month later, I went to the same bank, withdrew 20, and went to the same girl for another deposit, this time producing the whole wad to count out nine crisp notes. As she slightly turned to scan the notes under the blacklight, she casually remarked “na leo kutanyesha mapemaa?” She however did not know I was on her case and as I almost turned to check the clouds behind me, I noticed her deftly drop one note onto the floor of her cubicle. She then finished scanning and recounted the money only to tell me hizi ni nane.
This is when I told her do not move and used a coin to draw the attention of the madam who sits behind a glass wall at the back of the cubicle. All this time she was getting frantic and tried to put the notes in the cash box but I told her Ah Ah, just leave that money there. The madam came and I told her to collect the dropped note; we compared it with the other notes and it was one of a sequence of serial numbers.
I explained what happened last time and the madam was all apologetic and refunded my one K. We then completed the transaction and as I left heard madam say “Wewe Maggie si nilikwambia hizi matabia uache…”

The Mbisha brigade mungoje kesho nipate pencil nitapost sketch ya the shifty mpesa girl thief…


Post yeye

Leo hatutaki mbicha ya maggie ,weka mbicha ya duka tuwe wangalifu omwami.


shame on her post of the mpesa shop

Hii greed itauwa watu wengine. Huyo atapewa mob justice asipochunga.

She probably wanted to offer you something in return.

where is the mpesa shop located? ndio tukae rada huyo anaweza kuwekea doh fake

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Hehe this almost happened to me on friday. Had withdrawn 20k went to an mpesa shop with a girl. Counted 15k and gave to her akaziweka kwa drawer so that she can capture my details then tooky cash and counted it twice akanirudishia I confirm that I gave her 15k and lo and behold it was 14k…I was just about to bring drama when I first decided to check what my balance was in my pocket. Lucky for her I had 6k in my pocket so nikaongeza hio 1k.
But as I walked out I still felt that something was wrong with that transaction

Ungemwomba mkia as compensation

ungetomba yeye kunyi


Junkie… hehehehehe!

We will hold you to account kama hutaona picha mbili za “Maggie”.

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The secret is never to divert your eyes after giving them the money. Be it bank, mpesa, mtaani banks, supermarket ama fuel station.


just report the agent number to safaricom…wacha arudi nyumbani akalime ama akauze kuma koinange…nkt

mpesa za ngara nimeziogopa, nimepewa counterfeit cash mara mingi sana huko, I am always very keen.

I once had an almost similar case at Roasters Shell. After fueling 2k, and when am on my way out, an attendant stops me ati one of the notes is fake. Akanionyesha a fake note ati ndio nilimpea. I almost killed somebody that day. Long story short, huyo jamaa alifutwa job.


Gashwin ur a gentleman if u dint even call her a name…

i discovered some time back that sometimes it’s more insulting if you don’t. leave them to deal with their consciouses…

After over 24 Hours of consideration and deliberations, we have come to sad conclusion that this is another case of attempted “usanii”.

Yaaaaani, as a “conee”READ[SIZE=4] gashwin[/SIZE], you had a good chance of taking close up and long range pics of the coner “shifty mpesa girl thief” and the premises (vindio included). You could even have been more ingenious and let the coner believe that you work with safcon fraud department and declare her mpesa to be as good as daadab refugee camp: face eminent closure Within 3 months 48 hours.

If @mayekeke ( ) did it at 200Kph, then hii yako ni mchezo (unless ulifanya gentlemans agreement na husemi). Unatulet down, Enda leta evidence bwana, ala! we are waiting:
NB: Sketch haifai hapa.


the work and deliberations of the esteemed board are highly appreciated. however, i cannot fathom the purpose, nor get the wherewithal in terms of time, to go in pursuit of pictures that at the end of the day will not add a grain into my githeri pot. I am now off to build the nation…