Stuffy noze

Doctors in the house I have a serious stuffy noze and sneezing. I have tested covid negative. What’s the best medication? It’s two days now.

Go to Karura or a place where you can run without fear of being knocked down by a vehicle. Take a run, make sure you breath like kipchoge with your nose and not your mouth. Do that for the next two or three days 1 or 2 hours daily. Hio homa itaisha quick fast.

NB. I’m not a doctor but this has always worked for me.


Talk to Dr. Mutio on 0722528022. Ako pale Ngara karibu na ile Shell ukienda Guru Nanak. Consultation is 500 then madawa na kadhalika itategemea but haiwezi pita 4k. All the best and bring reviews.

Kula firi firi mingi kwa food. Ichome hizo kohozi zimejaa in your nasal /lungs…naupunguze moshi.

Jaribu hii,na siongei about solo mission with palmela. It works wonders,had sciatica pain last week ,no more pain

Chemsha garlic and ginger ukunywe zikiwa Moto kabisa

Humidifier uweke eucalyptus oil

Have you had an allergy test done by an allergist?..tembelea ENT doctor immediately ,he can check you out.

Olbas Oil. Found in select pharmacies. Follow the instructions and you’ll be breathing like a race horse.

I am allergic and have very poor sense of smell… one nostril is blocked at any one time… if I lie one side, the blockage migrates to the nostril that is on the lower side… when I am in a Christian fellowship where the Scriptures are being read, with praise and worship both nostrils clear and my sense of smell is always excellent! Mine is a very strange problem… So I strongly feel that this could be a spiritually induced problem…

Kwani uliwacha umalaya…ukiacha umalaya utaishi kuwa mgonjwa