stubborn in laws

How do you deal with super stubborn in-laws?

Its simple ghost your inlaws delete their numbers, avoid contact and explain displeasure of their attitude to your woman. Dont tolerate any sideshows and be very formal utaheshimika. Remember you are the man of the house and paid the dowry in full.

Entertaining inlaws is not a good idea at all…

Someone said here that your inlaws are not supposed to love or even like you. You just tolerate each other. Heed that advise.

yes ghost them. Kuna mwenye alifanya something for my wife and expected me to pay her back… haikuwa loan or anything. She was so entitled and was almost giving me deadlines… saa hii simu yake siwes chukua

Be a Man and stand up - Your No be no and yes a yes

divorce their daughter

:D:D:D:D:D… Mgtow= Freedom , beta male chieth , can’t relate.

@Wanaruona 's in laws had refused to accept him once he declared his intention to marry their offspring @kanguthu .

They said @kanguthu cannot be married to a poor boda boda rider like @Wanaruona .

But once they understood that @kanguthu really loved @Wanaruona the in-laws had no choice but to accept @Wanaruona as their son.

The couple has been married for 3 years and @kanguthu is currently 6 months pregnant.

It means even this daughter you have married will also be super stubborn. Chaguo ni lako.

Na pia shida inaeza kuwa ni wewe mwenyewe. Why are they being stubborn in the first place?

In laws are almost always invited na mdem.If she can stop her people from checking in on her matrimony every few seconds…

Sema Patricia, bado unauza mkundu pale kongowea?

Mkundu wazi

Think she was being encouraged by your Missus to go after her dues from you…
Am sure when they meet with your wife yeye huuliza wife yako “ule bwana yako conman ako aje? :D:D:D

its actually MIL…mimi ujinga stakangi… anaweza niona after 20 years

Wacha kuzoeana na in-laws. Keep a respectable distance from them and everything will be okay. The only time you should meet your in-laws is only during ‘ruracio’ or special events like weddings and funerals.