Strong decoders

[ATTACH=full]7479[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]7478[/ATTACH] The Africa/Middle east rep for strong decoders is in Mombasa and a meeting has been set for this friday. If you are in Mombasa you can accompany me and other satelite fanatics to the venue na kaa uko mbali weka maswali hapa ile ungetaka ni muulize.
Kitu moja watu wanalia sana ni venye strong hawana combo box, yaani a decoder that can receive both saterite and dvbt2 signals but i know they are looking into it. alafu bei lazima wapunguze. au sio.

[ATTACH=full]7477[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]7478[/ATTACH]


mambo na high gain strong LNB, ya pf.

Bei ipunguzwe.

Wasi come out too strong on ma boyz !

which boys?

@Meria Mata waulize if I can use one decorder for like 3 tvs and still be able to choose different channels for each one of them at the same time. Hope umenielewa

i get you bro, we have to make this guys make a decoder for Africa.
Wheres @Luther12

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Meria meta na luther12 1 do not care if these questions have bn asked or not but;

  1. What in your opinions are the best decoders in the mkt today?
  2. Do you have an FTA decoder? Why did u choose it over the other brands in the market?

This is never a decoder function. It’s a wiring/installation issue.

Here I am. Busy day kiasi but better late than never.

  1. Best for what purpose? FTA or pay tv? What do you wanna receive with it?

  2. Sensitive tuner.

best for fta

By the way luther12 what fta set up / devices do you use? If possible post picha hapa.

can it be rectified?

lets meet here Fondo.

best decoder in the market now is the openbox combo followed by strong 4922.
specs for openbox
1, DVB-S2+DVB-T2 COMBO Receiver

2, Support XML EPG

3, Support IP Camera, DLNA, SATto IP

4, Support Network Sharing,Twin Protocol,Biss Key

5, Support Multi-CAS, USBWiFi, Ethernet, 3G,GPRS dongle

6, Support Youtube, Youporn, Weather Forecast, Google Map, IPTV, WEB TV, Jamendo, Yahoo news, Picture etc.
Google DLNA and see how you can link your phone to your decoder.

I posted those photos kitambo mboss, hapa kwa ktalk, in jamiiforums, in good old klist as well as in emails that I’ve sent out on FTA.

You can’t rectify kitu ambayo haina shida. The switches requires for that functionality have never been incorporated in decoder’s, those are accessories you buy based on need. Unless you’re willing to cough up 30k for an FTA decoder.

There’s nothing like ‘best’. It’s a matter of personal taste. The options out there are numerous and limitless. Basically, go for something that’s easy to set up and use, has software support (updates from manufacturer and/or third parties), has a sensitive tuner, etc.

Response has been gd. we are all set for the meeting. will update tomorrow afternoon.
@LOVELYSTALLION i lost your number.