Strong allegations on Muthaiga mafia Re Keroche

Key points:

  1. The targeted frustration of Tabitha Karanja is an ACT of TREASON. Kenya willl never prosper on malls and the service industry alone. Kenya will grow if we build unrivaled manufacturing economy to support the service economy.
  2. We can’t say we are developed because every town has an average of two big malls. We must build our production. We must create, innovate and even export.

For the anti clit brigade>>>

I want to speak out for all the voiceless whether they are poor or rich. And I want to speak candidly.
This is on the issue of the Keroche Breweries, its obligations, importance to the country and compliance with the law. The company has been facing a barrage of attacks from not only MPs from Central province but now the tax man, KRA, is after the humble lady, Tabitha, saying that Keroche has not met its tax obligations.
Though we don’t know each other, I am always inspired by Tabitha Karanja because she is appealing to my heart. I think I would have married her, supported and protected her and we would have had beautiful children. She is an iron lady. The type I admire. I am not a man of kuch kuch hota hai type. I admire strong and determined ladies who will push boundaries to achieve their dreams. Tabitha has built what the country has failed to build, a key manufacturing economy. The woman has built a working production engine employing hundreds who serve the local economy in a way which is uncommon in Kenya.
I say its uncommon because Kenya is turning into a service or sales economy. We buy all from wherever they are produced and sell them locally. We have an economy with less foreign exchange getting in but much more of out cash going out. In effect, the current Kenyan economy is actually having a negative effect on the shilling. We can’t be a country of consumption and minimal production.
During the last coalition government where Kibaki was the president and Raila the PM, in fact October 2008, something occurred at Keroche which will explain what is happening now. Keroche got a Ksh 5 billion financing from Barclays Bank. The company built a new bottling plant then wanted the President to open it to assure her financiers that she had the government’s backing in her operations. She has always been solo.
When she sent out an invite to President Kibaki through his PA, Joe Wanjui, she was assured of the support of the President. Madam Tabitha Karanja wanted President Kibaki to open the new plant. It was until the last minute (2 days to the opening) that someone whispered to her that nothing like that was on Kibaki’s diary. In fact, Kibaki knew but someone had prevailed on him not to open the plant because “huyo sio wetu.”
In the circle of wealthy Kikuyus, you just don’t have to have the money,chumsormbeshabut you also need to be cleansed and admitted into the inner circle of the elite who controls the Kenyan economy. You can’t just be a billionaire and have access to the Muthaiga Club which runs the country. You need to be cleansed, analysed and invited into the club. Tabitha Karanja with all her influence, money and expertise has never been allowed anywhere near Muthaiga Club. She can’t wine and dine with the powerful Kikuyus controlling the Kenyan economy. She is an outsider to them.
So back to the story. Tabitha realising that she was played, decided to do the unthinkable. She drove all the way from Naivasha to State House hoping to get to see the President and personally prevail on him to support her. Tabitha was angry, sad and disappointed at the same time. She spent over 1 hour pleading with her State House connections to be allowed to see President Kibaki. She was completely denied access. Hyslop Ipu (then State House Comptroller) was her contact. She had to look for other ways of surviving. She drove to the nearby Serena Hotel to catch a drink, drown her sorrows and recollect herself. She was burning inside.
It took Hyslop Ipu’s assistant to call her and tell her that the battle she was fighting, she was not going to win. The assistant asked her to look for Raila for support. She slapped herself and thought how stupid she was not to think of Raila. She called Oburu to ask if Raila would be comfortable. Oburu said, “WHY NOT.” It was late in the evening and everyone was retired home. She wanted to go see Raila immediately. Oburu gave her the directions and she drove straight to Karen. She got access to Raila and explained her predicament.
After hearing all her stories, Raila told her that on the said date, he had a scheduled event in Kisumu and he would be flying there in his chopper. He agreed to pass by for a maximum of 30 minutes to launch the new production plant then fly to Kisumu. The problem was that Keroche didn’t have a good place to land the chopper. Tabitha promised to build an helipad in a record 48 hours if she was given the specifications. She sure did. When Raila landed at Keroche, he was wowed and dumbstruck. He was shocked by what he was seeing. As an engineer, he knew what he was seeing and he thinks that it’s what Kenya needs. Instead of staying for 30 minutes, Raila stayed for over two hours.
Tabitha has FOREVER been grateful to Raila. That’s why Oburu Odinga was appointed the firm’s chairman.
A previous incident was even more painful. In 2003 when Kibaki went to Nakuru to open his first agricultural show, Keroche was to be feted in the show among the leading manufacturing industries in the region. Everything was set and Tabitha’s seat was on the podium among others’. Just before Kibaki arrived for the show, Michuki ordered that her seat be removed from the podium. Tabitha cried but vowed to soldier on. She was pained. This woman has seen the worst form of treatment.
The targeted frustration of Tabitha Karanja is an ACT of TREASON. Kenya willl never prosper on malls and the service industry alone. Kenya will grow if we build unrivalled manufacturing economy to support the service economy. The service economy needs a much more affluent populace. We can’t say we are developed because every town has an average of two big malls. We must build our production. We must create, innovate and even export. Tea, coffee and flowers is going down. We must support sugar cane, pyrethrum, sunflower, macadamia, sorghum, cotton and onion production.
This is what Tabitha Karanja has been doing.
She is being sabotaged now because the Uhuru wing of the Jubilee coalition thinks that she has been close to Deputy President, William Ruto. Uhuru’s people believe that Ruto is amassing a war chest for his future ambitions. Some insiders told me that Ruto has already, close to Ksh 75 billion which he doesn’t use much. They believe that his ambitions are scary and so they are looking for ways of taming him.

From the comments

This is a true statement. While working as a commissioner in one of the provinces, one of my relatives described how “elite” kikuyus would come to his office to warn him not to work or give land to the poor kikuyus because “wata tu tharau”. It is common knowledge that the rich kikuyu do not want to associate with the poor kikuyus. This is something most people are not aware of. It is the poor kikuyus who are always doing all they can to protect the rich ones.

I am saddened by this turn of events. For the kenyan economy to grow to the level of economic giants of Asia that we were once at par with, We must develop and nurture our own. I respect Tabitha for her tenacity. Africans we are our worst enemy.

That’s why I always insist on taking summit malt… I drink inspiration… #TrulyKenyan

Its really hard for mtu wa kawaida to get ahead in this world of others, as you devote all your energies towards striving to get ahead, there is another person that has devoted his life towards keeping you down. Nchi ya watu wadogo.

Why must a few minority thrive on the misery of majority?

Can you name at least five of such kikuyu mafias?

ask the journos of kahawatungu to do so. you can clearly see it is from their website

Lots of hekaya in that article. There was a time when I was sympathetic to Tabitha Karanja’s plight, but now I’m beginning to think there’s more to this story than meets the eye. I think she has a habit of rushing to the media with sob stories even when matters can be resolved amicably. I refuse to believe the KRA is so petty that it can be used to settle political scores. What’s the KRA’s side of the story? I mean why her? Even Equity bank used to be close to Ojinga, why wasn’t it shut down? Kevian Kenya, maker of Afia and Pick N Peel, is taking on CocaCola in the soft drinks market. Why hasn’t CocaCola conspired with KRA to shut them down? i’m not saying I’m privy to all the info, I’m just saying I think there’s more to this than we’re being told. Even the holy storybook says give unto Caeser what is Caeser’s. If she hasn’t been paying taxes then she should STFU and carry her own cross.

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All i see here is Tabitha playing the games that she has perfected so well over the years hence her survival in very competitive market Niche. PLAYING VICTIM. This time she has pulled it a notch higher and more smartly spiced it with a little of politricks. Now sit back and watch as this post go viral with the help of @mariachi

You cannot be targeted/sabotaged by moi, kibaki and now uhuru. There must be something she (karanja) is not telling us.
Can Kra just claim you haven’t been paying duty without having proof??
Vile potus alisema; you shouldn’t complain everytime.

hehehe. guys calm down. less politics and more business is what we should focus on. my concern is the persecution of local entrepreneurs by big business. juzi I read this book by Peter Kuguru and I drew a lot of parallels between the difficulties Softa faced and what is happening currently and in the past few weeks. Peter is the owner of Softa. softa faced unfair competition from cocacola. Peter in the book explains how his vendors were frustrated and targeted by locals on payroll of the bigboy. we all know how that ended. he also owns the company that tried to make Kibuku a sorghum based beer. we all know how that ended too.
so Tabitha might have a point that some people are pulling strings to finish Keroche.

Fierce and aggressive competition is everywhere around the world, you ve to be tough and well prepared when you decide to venture into certain industries.
Again, do not believe all you read in such books.

If you have friends in the audit circles waulize, its a well known fact Keroche plays dirty when it comes to taxes.
Keroche used to use agents to procure ethanol, pretend its destined for Ug, then reroute it to Naivasha. Its a game most of the small 2nd generation alcohol produces had perfected lakini it appears KRA imeamua ku purnish mmoja ili iwe funzo kwa wengine

Joe Wanjui has never been Kibaki’s PA. But there is old Muthaiga money that doesn’t take lightly the adventures of the nouveau riche new Runda money

when you see a frog jumping in the daytime…
Look, my point is simple. Do not frustrate local investors. make concessions just like you would make for foreign investors and then some. Kuguru and Tabitha is not a coincidence. kuna moshi hapo so lazima kuwe na moto.
I believe Kuguru’s book. he could have been sued. btw the book was published 2008/9 and no one has sued. so it is true.

so pia Softa procured ethanol illegally???

that is the tragedy. they can restrict what and where Kenyans build but wasiguze biashara za people trying to make an honest buck. Tabitha has really tried to move from the substandard makali she started with but watiaji bado wanamvuta chini

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People always talk of kikuyu mafia blah blah. why dont they name them…

boss wako. Just the way during Moi’s time there was RV Mafia, ya Jomo snr was Kiambu Kibaki had MtKenya because akina kiraitu were in it. Raila has a sleeping Lake Victoria mafia that flexed nusu kapeti. But there is old muthaiga money that no matter who is prezzy must worship at their alter. They have the economy by the balls. The US has too. when obama was turning around the country it emerged that AIG was the backbone of the US economy. the treasury sec. (Bernanke I think) he was asked by congress at what point they will stop funding AIG’s resurrection he said they cannot, they will continue pumping money until AIG turns around. Congress was shocked and asked how did we get here? this happens in third world economies not the capital of capitalism. AIG had tentacles all over the world and it was the weakest link even in faraway Europe. To safeguard their offshore business AIG rebranded briefly, remember in kenua they started trading as Chartis. Boss hii dunia iko na mapepo



remember how they turned on njenga karume one of their own when he brought castle. Moi govt backed the vultures because broke Moi’s govt used to borrow money from KBL. It is said those days PS MoF had an office at Ruaraka. Forget the stories about Moi hating Kikuyus, he only cloberred the poor in the diaspora but feasted at Muthaiga whose patrons were Obako and njenga. All moi wanted was that his mafia gets access to the trough. Notice all Moi’s MoF apart from Madvd were Kikuyu. But they are not all kikuyu but majority are. some have Kikuyu wives like Nyachae heheheeee. Kuna wazito Kenya hii some have ships that dock at?Msa with containers, @Okiya told us some have leased aircrafts to kQ. That’s why when CK talks of buying out KLM people listen. Mukhisa fought a serious war to rescue Uchumi because Massmart was on the wings waiting for CK to buy it and flip it to them. in fact Massmart (Walmart) said juzi they have tried to get to kenya for 20 years. when Uchumi failed they trained their sights on Tuskys, remember the Tuskys bros fighting?


kudos @Koolibah i see you know what is up. mashifta walishamwambia kabila ni mbili- maskini na matajiri. sasa ndani ya matajiri kuna ingine:D. old vs new. cant a nigga live

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@Koolibah now i get where the mother of tribalism started, unlike America where so called vultures care about interest without dragging racism in their quest, kenyan one seems not to understand what their interests are

iko…In the US there is racism kichinichini. Blacks cant just walk into the club. Americans lament that the Jews have their economg bu the balls Obama’s treasury seretaries have all been jews. remember tribalism/racism is not the main determinant but managing to manouvre political and business interests and that’s why people kill to control politics. Those guys are least intrested in tribalism as long as they can trust you. in fact majority fund the two leading presidential candidates and sit back to watch them duke it out

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This thread is so enlightening on one comment I am with Tabitha and on the next I am like how could she do that? I hope more people contribute to this one.

and dont be fooled that baba is not in this club