Strong 4922 remote

i have a young son, who has broken my tv and decoder remotes…i need the decoder remote because without it,i can,t even scan my decoder yet i want am free for over 2 weeks and wanted to search for new birds. wapi naweza pata remote ya strong 4922 decoder…niambieni pia bei

Tembea duka ya riwara electronics pale kenya mpya

@Giggz yuwapi?

Niko hapa ni 1200 remote ya 4922, pole kwa kukawia.

sawa…wacha nikutafute end month…

Nunua simu iko na IR bluster achana kusumbuana na remotes hapa… All u will need ni softawre zake tu

should he buy a phone for every member of his family ?

good question…hata natumia mulika mwizi,hizi androids hunisumbua

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Perhaps, buy yourself a universal programmable Remote like Logitech Harmony for your exclusive use and keep it under lock and key, then leave the gadget’s own remote for everyone else.

Doesnt work for everything


which channels will you watch with freesat V7 DVB-S2 HD 1080P in Kenya