Strikeback Sn 5 Legacy

Hii series ni noma sana. Kwanza I am still astonished how Stonebridge and his partner escaped from N. Korea.

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Aiiii they made that Korea escape so easy it was not soo convincing to me…bt am soo loving it and now that scott is back, so awesome bt i cant remember how sn4 ended and how he made his comeback!

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Yeah. It was too easy. We all know that N Korea is the largest open-air prison in the world.


And when they mentioned the son was coming to bangok…hapo nikajua pap lazma kuna kidnap story inakam through! Its the best full action (continous…back to back)series that am enjoying ryt now na sina a better option!

Sn 5 imefika episode?

Wangeshoot episode moja mandera

Episode 7 ndio latest[ATTACH=full]9553[/ATTACH]

episode 7

Hii kitu iko Sawa…the Unit is the only big time rival I can think of.

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Strikeback S6 : Impreza

Nimewatch mpaka EP4. Great series!

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Cheki E-ring pia bt si kali vile

Team series check put America oddessey sn 1 ,utadharau hizi vitu munaongea and thank me later.

Odyssey is also good.

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