stress za kupeleka kunguru majuu


He is not even dying plus you cannot quote lucky dube in vain.

Good riddance to stupidity !

Awache merc kwa sababu ya hii?

@KaBuda amepata single mother. America pale Raleigh NC, Kuna jamaa ameleta manzi kutoka thika. Once kunguru ame-settle anadai, I had a dream last night, things btwn us ain’t gonna work.

I don’t “support” suicide but I sorta understand why some people do it…
This shouldn’t be one of the reasons to!

Should’ve left the lady huko arudi home (Zimbabwe)

The nigger had beaten up his wife senselessly and was being sought by the police… Hata hakukufa. Whatever a biatch does to you especially mkiwa majuu just pack ur bags and leave. Mambo ya vita au attempted suicide wachana nayo.

“I wilu aluwaysi be withi you wheni amu gone”… Really niggah??? Will you also be with her when she is sucking dic and taking a load lot of cum???

Tales of imports hua na visanga. A lady imported a hubby from.solai nakuru aliona moto

It can be done with adequate marital counseling na kuvimiliana.

Hekaya complete ante?

How do you cop with an import , I’m trying to import my kienyeji to my work place,tired of broilers.

Very true. 100% failure rate. I know many who attempted. Nigerians, Ghanaians, Kenyans, etc.

Hekaya complete about imports from Kenya

Nothing specific but it was common belief that you could not tame the women from Trumps land. They’ve Chanukad too much. Which is true. And even the Kenyan women available were viewed the same. So many times , some people resorted to importing women from their country. Take 3 months off, fly home to Kenya , sample a few women and pick up one as a wife. Make arrangements and soon after she is with you. I have friends who did this. None of those marriages worked. Lasted a few months to 2-3 years. I have a friend who it lasted 6 months. I only know one couple who survived. Nigerians would bring 18 year olds that time the dude is 45. Some women would bring boyfriends they had before they moved eg from high school. Same outcome.

Uli import ama uko na broiler ?

Did not import.