strategy to drop down woman calmly.. ?

Folks, I am contemplating the most awkward-less way to drop a friend I nailed once. I found she is not hygienic down there and the decision not to repeat is a clear and categorical one. Both of us are in an environemnt where we bump into each other at least twice a week. I dont want to deflate her ego, she is very good hearted. Makes it awkward wen she approaches, I can clearly tell she is plotting a rematch and I have to fake unavaillability. She is a mature lady in her late 30s, she is very stable financially, so not a mistress in distress. shinda ni hygiene. Pink handlers, assume it was you, how would you like someone to drop the message that you are not hygienic?

Is she pregnant and did she score B+ in KCSE.

She is a mature lady in her late 30s, stable financially, she aint a mistress in distress

is she from wakanda?

Get busy.

Don’t let this simple things bother you. They will not matter when you grow up.

suffice it to say she is not even kenyan, but at least African.

How is someone mature n in her late 30s not capable of keeping herself hygienic down there??

Just tell her as it is. You will have helped her alot.

But how is it possible for mature and unhygienic be in one sentence??? A 30+ woman MUST have at least basics of how to keep good hygiene.

Kwani kuosha coomer ni complicated aje honestly? This is not the first time I’ve heard someone complaining about this. Are there any specific procedures ama hawa huwa wamejiachilia tu?
Honestly wondering!

May be she has that tuna smell down there. Does that necessarily mean she’s unhygienic ? It’ a big turn off and may be there’s a way to tell her politely without hurting her

I would prefer you honestly tell me as it is other than beating around

Yeah. Especially if you guys are friends.

I once told a certain miss, extra politely, that she smells like rotten fish hoping she would take it positively. She still hates me to this day.

maybe she is suffice down there

you were crude.


@Ice cube leta ile hekaya where mzee @gashwin pulled this off smartly on @Guru

Why is she seeking a rematch? You have yourself to blame.

Haha it’s impossible to say such words politely. There’s no diplomatic way to tell a woman her cunny smells bad.