Stranger things sn3

Honestly it’s a good time killer ,on my 7th episode ! [SIZE=1]been watching too much junk tv of late though[ATTACH=full]247422[/ATTACH][/SIZE]

Someone I know is doing season 3…they swear by it. I find it wierd when I am forced to watch it.

this ndio next,
currently on the good doctor sn2

Niko behind kidogo.
Currently watching “How to get away with murder” season 1

Blacklist memaliza season 6
waiting for s7
Queen of the south niko s4e5, downloading as they release.

If I could have my way,production of these TV series would stop. Except for 24 and Spartacus.

Boss Spartacus ilikuwa produced kitambo ika air hadi ikaisha… unaongelea spartacus gani

How many Spartacus do you know?

Spartacus (1960) movies
Spartacus (2004) miniseries
Heroes and Villains (2007) BBC documentary
Spartacus (2010) series
Barbarians rising (2016) docudrama

Any other one I dont know of??

How many series are in your list?

@Tommy Lee Sparta
ongea mbaya nije na Pipe range

Maswali gani izi sasa??

Spartacus gani iko in production?

weird shit this series

You miss the point boss. Its not what is in production,its about what I liked. As a series.

Stranger Things is overrated. Dark is far much better.