Stopping alcohol

Manze kuna huyu uncle yangu ako 58yrs has been an alcoholic almost all his life…bado haja marry and has no children…apparently he has been far away from me right now i want him to stop alcohol completely
Nianzie wapi?..any rehab out there?.

you want him to stop???o_O:Dkama nani? if he wants to stop he will decide, the only thing u can do is advise him and ask him politely if he can reduce, its gradual my fren, so ati stop, keep dem dreams coming

It is quitting not stopping. Now, why do you think your 58 year old uncle needs help?

Ambia yeye atupatie cousin watatu random then akitaka akufe ghassia yeye

there is no stopping hapo,the alcohol has become part of him and stopping will have serious health issues,If he’s always idle mtafutieni something to keep him busy fulltime,that might make him moderate his intake,but again,the decision comes from the person himself

Ghasia, his personal life inakuhusu na nini? Aoe ama asioe utakufa ?

Mbisha hata ya hio akoho


Until the alcoholic realizes they have a problem. There is nothing you can do about it. Wacha afike rock bottom ndio arealise ako na shida

Where is he getting the money to drink?

Uko tao leo nikununulie vikombe mbili za keg?

mwiba Wa kujidunga hauna pole. let him be

Who can tell him the story of one Githeri man?

At 58 he quits alcohol and does what?