Stop that masturbation and find the REAL thing


Masturbating Kills Your Interest In Everyday Normal Stuff
Not only do we kill our Dopamine Receptors and have the need to masturbate like a crazy person, but we can lose interest in having sex with women.

Some guys are so addicted to masturbation that they no longer have interest in having sex with their girlfriend or wife.

Since masturbation is the ONLY THING that gets them off, they’d rather sit and masturbate to images and videos of women than to have sex with an actual woman!

We can also lose interest in things like academic success, achieving things in life, and reaching our goals.

This is where masturbation becomes such a problem because it actually interferes with our life and keeps us from doing the things we want to do.

[SIZE=5]Masturbation Makes You Feel Like A Loser
A few minutes after we ejaculate, we’re sitting there wondering why we feel like a loser for what we just did.

[SIZE=5]Masturbating Makes You Lose Interest In Being Social
If we lose interest in being social and making friends, it’s a BIG PROBLEM.

When we meet, attract, and date women, or simply interact with people we really like, our brain releases Dopamine and we’re rewarded.

If we use up all of our Dopamine and kill our Dopamine Receptors, then we’ll find being social and meeting women boring, unrewarding, and we’ll just end up sitting at home all day… masturbating.

Before we know it, we let the opportunity to have a great dating life pass us by because we simply couldn’t control ourselves.

[SIZE=5]Masturbating Makes You Get Nervous and Shy Easier
Having a ton of anxiety going on in the back of your head, on top of the guilt, depression, and submissiveness, makes it easier to get shy and nervous around women.

[SIZE=5]You Lose Hardness In Your Penis

[SIZE=6][SIZE=5]Real Men Don’t Masturbate[/SIZE][/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Real men don’t have the need to masturbate.

They get out there, suck it up, and do what they have to do to get what they want.

They don’t sit at home or in their room feeling sorry for themselves and masturbating.

They’re more mature than that.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]They don’t want to feel like a loser so they don’t do it.

Real men are more successful, happier, and have more women than guys who choose to shortcut[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4] [/SIZE]



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@ndume you are a marked man…the manufacturers of arimi’s will come for your head


the fact that you took time to write or plagialize all that indicates that you feel like a loser ama vaseline imeisha…damn wankers

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Do you know what plagiarism is?

copy paste ama unataka kunidangaya hii ni original work yako

Si ameweka link?

I discovered Velamma today. I wish you posted this b4 my discovery.


Nivea guys have a bounty on your head.

@ndume hapana leta hii upus ya @kichwakibovu hapa, we do not wank because we cannot get laid but as they say to stay faithful. Chyeth


wacha utiaji msee, there’s a link up there. ama uko offside?

WOYA Award (wanker of the year award) goes to the writer of this post



that’s exactly what i wanted to say. boss, the fact that one day u were hanging ua head down and feeling like a loser, then u held ua dick in ua hand and masturbated the whole day (like a fucking loser) doesn’t mean u’ve got to be so hard on yourself mpaka ukaenda kuresearch. please forgive yourself and all will be fine, that’s the guilt getting hold of u and wanting to kill you. one day beat your dick (fuck uaself) without feeling like a loser utaenjoy.

Mastubation makes one feel like a conquerer not a looser…Real men know that the power is in their hands.


I now understand why our very own old mangi is the way he is.

In a lifetime mwanaume lazima atageuza mkono ikuwe tight pussy

Wanking is very empowering

you would know ama uliskia mahali? (cheeky me!) Good morning, @Unicorn !

Good morning @gashwin. I know that for a fact. :slight_smile: