Stones and chairs thrown at the president in Migori! Not good.

A meeting by President Uhuru Kenyatta with political leaders in Migori was concluded in a hurry after chaotic crowds chanted slogans and threw shoes, stones and chairs towards the president.Youths chanted “ODM”, “Migingo” and other anti-government slogans against the leaders present at the meeting before President Kenyatta rose to plead with them.
President Kenyatta made a brief speech before leaving, asking political leaders to have respect for each other.
None of the leaders present at the meeting spoke, including Migori Governor Okoth Obado, Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma, Migori Senator Wilfred Machage and a number of area MPs.

Same thing happened to his father when he went to kisumu.

hahah talk of history reapeting itself…

Hiyo ni mbaya, si raila alienda matanga juzi huko central, hakuna mtu alimfukuza.Some guys are too primitive.

what do we say…si kila mtu ako human…

In 1969 they chanted DUME DUME DUME, heckled and stoned jomo kenyatta,
2014 they chant ODM ODM ODM and shouts down uhuru kenyatta… But thats none of my fuckin business