Stomach crumps

Hey everybody. I usually have these pains in my stomach just below the navel. The stomach pains usually attack me at around 3 a.m.
Question is who has ever felt the same problem and how did you treat it?

go for a pregnancy test and pap smear

Kidney problem…Uti…or a filled up appendix


Go and wank…
Stop watching porn in the dead of the night whil ur parents are asleep

I have…When I’m on my periods. I treat it by putting a hot pack on my tummy…
But as resident Doc would say, go and see your clinician to confirm what is really going on.

@Fondo Pendo, female genitals perhaps? Your first period maybe?

UTI. Go for a checkup

@Fondo Pendo Sorry but that sounds like you have Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Syphilis all combined… What is your gender again? A man using the name “PENDO” sounds GAY!

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RIP @Fondo Pendo

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UTI… Pole they can be hard and expensive to treat if left for long… Punguza dryfry madam

Everybody, thanks 4 your replies. I am male so those saying periods and other female stuff had better reduce the dosage of what it is that you are smoking.
Another symptom i have noticed is that i usually fart many times in a day. I suspect that i might be having an ulcer. Villagers what do u guys think?

You are GAY

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Bloating and pain in the abdomen… Go get yourself examined … I know someone with stomach cancer who started experiencing those symptoms and mind you he is very young…This is not to scare you though as it may turn out like you say, ulcers, all in all go to hosi ASAP… Where is @Luther12

@Fondo Pendo first of all your last name betrays you, secondly could you by any chance have eaten madodo or githeri during the day. Kuumwa na tumbo na kushutashuta ni signs za kuharibikiwa. Thirdly if its not msos then kimbia hosi asap dagitare akuchunguze, might be vyenye @Elin amesema hapo juu kidogo


this is gayness

if you are a guy then you watch alot of porn hence getting those pains but if a lady do hvs test

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how does watching porn correlate with stomach crumps?

need some clarification here;UTI in ladies can NOT necessarily be sexually transmitted(eti hygiene/washrooms)
and for the gents lazima uipate after a dry fry?

This must be the first query I answered on KTalk. UTI is not the same as STI (or STD).