I have been fighting an urge to comment but When a Kenyan daily relies on social media for gossip so that they sell papers,…thats when they go publishing half cooked stories.The alledged 'kenyan" Laura Imali in a porn clip where two white men are “molesting” or “abusing” the lady is actually one form of extreem porn.The alledged girl is a porn star named Porsha Star who has lmore than 20 videos.visit a site called ghettogaggers u will see…She is a black american and not kenyan at all.The porn site has almost 50 girls who sign contracts to perform those acts . That video was downloaded from a known site which have almost 1million clips…an actor in a extreem scene can be paid up to $4000 that is 400k per its just people didnt know that apart from normal porn there are other kind of porn.So let mee see those men being arrested by interpol…kwani America does not have laws and police?..or maybe its not the clip i have seen coz u cant recognize them.There is no person like that and the alleged friend of the girl Cynthia Khamati that picture was of someone else…Porn drives the internet man and i know 70 %of people here have them in their phones but are acting all holly.u saying “disgusting” but unataka utumiwe ?? come on ask wat happened in TZ when they introduced tough porn rules…no one is forced to watch porn .Total media crap.

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Huh, don’t just yap and condemn.Post your evidence here.Put a link we view for ourselves.

Sorry this is a “hatuwes click” kijiji…no exceptions!

There some types of dark porn out there that you can’t watch even for a minute…my curiosity ended when i came across one.

hawa watu waache za ovyo. Yaani standard mzima hakuna mtu ameshawahi skia ghettogaggers awaambie this is porn? Even Lacey DuValle was on that.

Kumbe unatambua Lacey duvalle hehe…
she reminds me of a kitty i used to bang got married to an Effin pilot:mad:

enyewe i almost bought the nairobian newspaper just to read the story 4 myself but nilisahau. So, what happened in Tz when their govt. Tried to introduce tough porn rules? Elimisha me tafadhali