Stock android vs android skins

Am I the only one who finds stock Android to be much better than Android skins. Stock Android is Android in its purest form without any skin addition. Android skin is where android is made and intergrated with a user interface (skin) to form a single android software. Stock android is clean, lightweight, has timely security updates and receives softwares upgrades earlier than android skins. It also has no or very minimal bloatware. Android are less bulky as there is no UI to integrate it with just pure android. An android update on a phone with stock android will use about 1.3 - 1.5 GB whereas an android update on a phone where android has UI will use about 3.0 - 3.5 GB to update because of the UI.

Skinned android is prone to bugs when updating to a newer version of android. Another update has to be pushed to deal with the bug. On stock android that is unheard of maybe a little.

My issue usually is bloatware. Thats where stock android ticks right for me. I am using a Nokia 2.3 and there is no bloatware whatsoever. I had a Tecno phone that was full of bloatware all the time, I hated it. The ads were very annoying. I used all the tricks in the book but finding a solution seemed futile. One solution worked for sometime but the ads found their way back, I ditched that found. Kwanza Tecno and Infinix. Xiaomi is also notorius for bloatware but for Xiaomi there is a way to turn them off. Samsung, Huawei and Oppo are in a league of their own.

Ũrauga atia meni?

Ulianza vizuri alafu ukajikanganya hapa.

Hapo Kwa Xiaomi how do I turn off.

Hebu uliza @Soprano. Ama enda YouTube utasaidika huko

Apo kwa skins hujafafanua vizuri, unajua kuna skins za oems na zenye sisi hupenda za custom roms. For me custom roms all the way, zinakuaga optimized kuanzia kwa kernel kwenda juu plus zinaongezwa features, shida tu ni regular and timely updates but ukipata simu inaingiana na lineage os hutakua na io shida sana

Namaanisha skins za oems

Safi. But next time nunua simu unaeza unlock bootloader ufanyange modding. Hakuna kitu hunifurahisha kama kua na full control over the gadget. Si eti mi ni hater wa nokia but hua nafeel wako na upuzi kuenda the iPhone way on android. Wangefanya tu kaa awa wengine vile ukiunlock bootloader unavoid warranty. Its a double edged sword and I guess niko on the other side, but check this out, umenunua nokia phone na wakakupea 3 years updates, after that kama unataka updates labda ununue simu ingine but kaa wangekubali users waunlock bootloader bado users wangesqueeze more from the device using custom roms but thats not the case with nokia, sasa mbona ununue kitu high quality yenye after 3 years wanakuforce ununue mpya heri basi uende shaina.


Kwa Custom RoM ndo kunakuanga na uzuri. Msee you can tweak with your gadget alot. Still, I believe in if it works, don’t touch it. That’s why the One UI works for me.