Stingy kenyans

How to know a true stingy Kenyan!!
1: When making a call their finger is always on
the end button, ready to end the call.
2: Always check the airtime balance after each
3: After cooking they always put the used
cooking oil back in the bottle or cup for future
4: Empty coffee tins are used for storing sugar
& salt.
5: When they boil milk they add water to
increase its volume,
6: Empty mazoe & soft drink bottles are used
for storing water in the fridge.
7: No matter how cheap something is they will
always ask for the price to be reduced.
8: If the bus conductor forgets to collect the
bus fare they will also keep quiet till they get
9: When they buy mineral water they will not
throw away the empty bottle instead they will
just refill it with tap water
10. when withdraw cash on ATM, they recount
the cash in order to verify it.
11. If buy meat or something delicious they put
in transparent bag yet when buy vegetables they
put them in black bag and use short-cuts.

haha hii nayo ni ukweliā€¦

number 11, unga ya ugali inabebwa na black bag, unga ya chapo inabebwa na mkono ndio watu waone :smiley: