Steve Irwin was stupid crazy but this one is overly stupid and stupid crazy!

Currently showing on Natgeo Wild.

No protective gear, not even safety gloves, when handling crazy dangerous snakes! And National Geographic continues to sponsor him and, worse, they give his silly stunts prime airtime for all including dare devil teens, to watch and try at school or at home!

His son Robert is already following in his footsteps

That young man, and all the tens of thousands of video clips of his dad, I believe it is almost hard for him to think that he actually died!. Na hao majisamaki yamempiga uso in the water ni yale yale yaliomuua babake!

I saw it and thought, WTF?

Never mess with sea creatures. Hapo ndio utajua ujui. I saw a show with orcas ( sea whales), I thought to myself, if you find yourself in the water with such a creature, how the fuck will you survive.