Stealing from the Sick

[B]Stealing from the Sick - Full documentary

  • BBC Africa Eye[/B]

Everyone in Uganda is entitled to free medicine to combat killer diseases like malaria. Despite Government efforts to improve access to essential medicines, a significant number of people have to use private facilities because of frequent stockouts. BBC Africa Eye headed undercover to expose one of the reasons why there is shortage of life saving drugs – medicine theft by medical professionals. Africa Eye worked together with the Ugandan investigative journalist, Solomon Serwanjja.

Again, Eish!

Same as Kenya. Doctors run private clinics and prescribe stolen drugs

BBC is as believable as KANU. #fakenews #propaganda #soilingAfrica #itdoesntwork #Africarising

Fuck Africa Eye, takataka. Their last documentary was about Kenyan night runners. They always run naked, but somehow, for purposes of that particular doc, they decided to do their business while fully clothed. Nonsense.

As if it has never happened in Kenya, here even the first family does it.