Status Symbol

I’m kinda high so I will tell you something most negroes will never admit.

Biachez are a status symbol. The nigga with the hottest biachez in the club is the real G.

I used to roll with a certain crew back in the day. The fkaz were 2,3,4 times richer than me. But guess what, those fakaz had respect for me because I brought something they couldn’t…biachez :smiley:

If you can’t bring money, bring biachez. Make yourself useful in some way.


Uncle Ahai.

stop walking around with losers

Those “losers” have more money than your clan.


Leo @uwesmake ameshika guarana cans tatu na chips. Brownskin is now yapping until 4AM. Money well spent.

We all knew you were kinda into men buying u pilsners and shit, but we never imagined it was a threesome or foursome orgy

Mtu wa kumwaga ndani let me educate you kid. Men live in a merit-based society. If you need to roll with a crew of a higher socioeconomic status, you have to provide value hata kama sio pesa. Usually its drugs or biachez.

#In every situation, make yourself useful/indispensable.

Hapa sawa…hio ingine ya bitchez hapana…we all know bitchez aint ish…right?

Providing biachez is part of being useful. 99% of men are heterosexual. Providing biachez is value addition.

Sorry to burst the bubble, your rich friends are gaaay and you are their bottom.

I do my own hunting.
Ukiona mwanaume mwengine anakuletea mwanamke…hes sending you a message that wewe ni bweghe…i even have to supply you with women!?
Hata madem watashangaa lazima uletewe?
Not a good look elder.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble boys. I have been invited to functions for the simple reason that I’d show up with at least five above average biachez. If you don’t have money to waste, fine, have something else.

I’m the one providing the biachez, so that’s not exactly my problem.


Mwanaume bwege kazi yake ni kutongozea wanaume wengine. [MEDIA=facebook]id=2038633696442123;type=video;user=monitorKe[/MEDIA]

:D:D:D:D na imagine hii kimtu iko in a dimly lit club with cheap beer. Baadala ya kujienjoy akaoma apost Kenyatalk venye akiwa campo alikuwa anaambiwa na anko zake alete madem.

Umesoma wapi mambo ya campus?? Verbal diarrhea is a killer disease.

brownman bado unanunuliwa pilsner?

Plot twist @M2Random is projecting. Some mzee is showing his brownkin toiboi to his fellow retirees

You ghey fakaz.