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Give credit where its due.uhuru has the best pr saying individuals should resign he has shifted the blame to the individuals also he said he has given out the names,its the duty of parliament to fire them.that way nobody would blame him for runaway corruption.that way he has played it very safe especially to the urp wing of jubilee

hii mambo italeta chuki

we all know nothing will happen but uhuru will appear tackling corruption head on. But kelele itatokea with the criteria used to name the individuals

The move is very wise. The report was prepared by EACC. The named have the right to clear the names in court after stepping aside. The report should be made public so that we can put pressure on the named to step down from their seats.
If Uhuru fired individuals hapo ndipo kelele za ukabila ingianza…but now it is upon the report to point the hyenas.

Government: Where everybody knows something that could send everybody to prison.


Uhuru would have to preside over a huge revolution to fight corruption. He would have to imprison his colleagues and political partners such as those building hotels on roads. he would have to face the wrath of murderous drug barons as well as billionares who live off land grabbing. he would have to imprison cronies and politicians who live of government contracts. Thats a huge revolution like none other. These peope dont go down with a wimper, they go down with a bang. And you better have enough armour

Again, there is no revolution against people who have all the population in their box. You must have support of all people or you will end up in war or something like that.


Totally agree

The government is working on it albeit slowly. We must keep in mind that its been there for decades and it wont go away in a day.
Four or so months ago a certain CS had a “talk” with his people. Very bluntly he told them if anyone of them knew that they were part of any questionable deals, to walk away or face prosecution. Just like that a family member lost 30+ years worth of benefits. Na ujue pesa ya wizi ni mbaya karma is catching up. . .the money is growing wings.

The URP wing still has hangovers from the Kanu regime and this makes them have a strong sense of entitlement. Additionally, it was a bad idea for Uhuru to employ senior civil servants that served in the Kibaki era.

By the way, what does the law say about seizing assets acquired through corrupt deals? Is it allowed in Kenya since all I hear is getting the sack and facing jail time which I think are hardly enough. One needs to hit these corrupt individuals where it hurts and that’s in their pockets. So can the assets of corrupt people be seized once found guilty of corruption?

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Uhuru made the blame game even bigger

He has tried but remember the buck stops with him…Do you know who facilitated the ‘killing’ of JD Rockefeller, JP Morgan and the likes monopolistic
tendencies? President Roosevelt…how? By publicly castigating them and by pushing congress to come up with protectionism policies. What Uhuru has done
is step 1…NB: Roosevelt also came from a wealthy family.

America has had corporations at one time or the other. Today they are smothering not only the USA, but the whole world.

When guys understand politics you wont be talking in this manner. The president daent have powers in this new constitution to do anything. he has shifted the blame to parliament as senators (Khalwale and his ilk) and MPs (Ababu and Ilk) were shouting hoarse that the back stop with the president on corruption issues. He has laid squarely on the parliamentarians to deal with it. PR king Uhuru media council.