Cyprian Nyamwami- political risk analyst
Mugo Kibati-Vision 2030
Prof political science Prof Kisangani
Gaitho - independent journalist

The panel agree that our institutions are too fragile.There are no political parties only ethnic alliances, we are back in the 60s where Kenyan politics was a feud btwn two families the Kenyattas and the Odingas,we don’t have leadership we have dealerships.The winner takes all system has excluded those who lose makes winning a do or die dual. We recquire an all inclusive political system. To avoid alienating or excluding upto half the population. Which is a dangerous trend seen in countries that have become unstable.

Laws without morality have no value.We have lost our moral compass yet we expect laws to work. Laws don’t work in a vacuum.

Free and fair elections in Kenya remain a mirage.We don’t dignify the opposition.They lose all. The executive can be expanded to not be so narrow. The pure presidential system only works well in a countries with federal state system like US. Prime Minister post needs to be created. Institutional incompetence due to tribalism in our institutions.

And this just brings you to one conclusion… RWNNNNEBPORK

Kenya is slowly changing thanks to devolution, the problem we are facing now is that one man is hell bent on trying everything to get to power. But i agree with Mutahi Ngunyi that we need a PM position, ferrari presidency is not the best.


This one of the most ridiculous arguments. In accomplished democracies just like the US mnapenda sana si clinton alienda akiwa amekauka.
Even with allegations of Russian hacking bado alisema ni sawa and the country moved on. Hapa babuon ni maandamano day and night over nothing.
The problem with this country are politicians who never lose elections. They are always rigged out.

There will always be a loser in every dispute/competition. The winner will always take it all. History will never find a place for the guy that came 2nd. That’s why it called playing ‘2nd fiddle’. Our constitution reigns Supreme. Most ordinary folks like yours truly are tired of this politics of brinkmanship.

Uganda has a Prime minister Vice President nd President and we all know how things run in Uganda. An inclusive appointments to cabinet and state parastatals having all tribes can help.Also we can copy Switzerland system of govt sadly we are too immature for this tuliamua ni tumbo and mtu yetu mentality.

Uganda has a PM? :eek::D:D:D:D i swear i’ve never known i only hear of M7.

They have a prime minister and funny enough a King for the Buganda people who is deemed as influential

Why democracy works in those Scandinavian countries is that they are Nation states. If there are the indigenous people/minorities they have been fully suppressed and can’t put a strong opposition. So in other words, we can blame colonialism first. We got strange bedfellows in one country at the Berlin conference (seen all over Africa), it has nothing to do with immaturity, we are inherently different and those differences are being played out now. Look at Catalonia, will you call that immaturity?

The other parts of Kenya should start seceding asap.

We are still to get answers to questions asked since 1963. It’s like every regime is looking for answers on how the country should be led, and there are sides with their own opinions on the direction to be taken.


Mmmm sir i think you are misleading people… Hilary actually won the elections(popular vote) and its a proven fact. However she did not win electoral vote which is made up of 538 electors. Electoral votes are assigned by proportional representation and this varies from state by state but thats a different system than ours altogether . And hakusema sawa, she has still to date pointed out that Comey cost her the prize and not forgetting the colluding with Russians Trump administration is still under investigations on of which if enough evidence suffice then Trump could be impeached. So no i disagree. Kenya still has a long way to go… this is a country where the looser is asked to forget and move on even if the grievances he puts across can have judgement passed by a supreme court yet people are not held accountable or jailed or asked to resign… In America almost everyone being investigated has stepped down or rescinded themselves to allow investigations go on…

The sooner we can secede the better. Homogeneous countries do better, less strife, more equitable distribution of resources. The people are one.
In a real democracy there’s no space for minority rule, we got rid of that in South Africa because the majority must have their way.

Did you listen to her concession speech. She said America has had the tradition of loosers accepting defeat and she would do the same because she did not want violence.
She took the moral high ground despite those issues whether they are being investigated or not. Lakini Raila wants to interpret court decision to suit him. An RO somewhere in coast did not sign a form. How does that translate to Chiloba must go. Why isn’t he going for that RO.
I think people can pretend all they want we all know who the biggest problem in Kenya is.


Question… didn’t Raila accept a court ruling in 2013. Besides, the reason Clinton stated that is because the electoral process in America is credible… hakuna ati missing forms or sijui kits hazifanyi kazi… Federal investigation proved no one hacked the system during election but yes there was colluding with Russians from Trumps side that helped swing the votes on the swing states plus through hacking in social media by Russia bots spreading fake news… i know you know the story. So to my point. If the election process in Kenya is clear and transparent and fair then even if someone lost there would be clear results na hakutakuwa na vuta nikuvute scenarios. but at this point we are in a position where we cant verify anything, nobody knows what happened, to many classified information no one knows what happened to their vote after it was cast. And this is part of the reason we are in a crisis and ‘NO’ this is not about Raila, it is beyond him. It is about how we Kenyans are going to move forward.

huyu ni villager huku :D:D:D:D

Ni upumbavu wa mwafrika. What is the point of a competition if even the losers will get a gold medal?What we should push for is for proper political parties and strong institutions and most importantly proper leadership. A proper leaders ones elected ought to know he is a servant leader. He therefore ought to ensure all the 47 counties are developed to the best of his Government’s ability. If you include political losers how can you then have an opposition party? What will they be opposing? Isn’t that a breech if the 7 tenets of democracy that NASA keeps shouting about as envisioned by Alexis de Tourquivile?

No man made item, process or entity is pure! Get that in your head! What NASA is asking is next to impossible. NASA cannot won elections without either one of the major tribes fully backing it! That is the reality mpende msipende. Making ODM a luo party and mistreating Ruto was NASA’s Achilles heel. Most of the tribes that support NASA don’t go to vote ni demos tu na pang’ang’a

What if the kikuyus still get the pm position and presidential one too?
Mlijaribu by creating a katiba that doesn’t favour them but u failed that’s why raila is complaining again.
Kikuyus were short-changed on the county distribution by those who shout loudest they wrote the katiba but instead of whining they made good of the little that was allocated, sasa mnalia tena.