State Of The Counties Report

For those who might be interested!

This report provides a wholistic snapshot of the socio-economic situation across the 47 counties while assessing emerging risks and opportunities. It wishes to contribute to a convergence in thinking across both the public and private sector that promotes county developments.

Just for your information, this is nothing new as the statistics are publicly available as published in the county integrated development plans (CIDP’s)

Hopefully this provides some good insights into what our respective counties are at in terms of development.

Happy reading talkers!

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Umeboeka kukaa sana bila kuitishwa coomer?

Asante sana, unaweza pata mbili on my bill. This info is a big bonus to me and very relevant. I have read through the entire 99 pages.

Great, took like an hour to go through as well, its very eye opening

Went through it as well but I find it has errors I’m surprised they didn’t catch them. Summarized it as an excel file with whatever information I could gather and summarize easily.
Summarized by population, HDI, Bitumen Road coverage, Unemployment rates, Literacy levels, Electricity coverage to national grid. I have also put the county by party affiliation (ODM or Jubilee). Anything blank or zero means information is not available.

Not sure how credible that data is but the results are glaring, ODM areas are lagging behind in majority of the fronts. So much for track record.

I didnt really feel the full scope of the data and its majorly based on outdated sources. I really dont get how an aspiring country still based its decisions on outdated information. Theyneed to strategies to come up with yearly data that makes sure the exonomy is predictable. Nobody wants to invest with uncertainties and unpredicament. I think there is still more to be done. Seen how you @spear are impressed with the project done by jubilee me too can’t deny that but revolutionizing kenya into a industrial country in 2030 to me stills doesnt add up and feels more of a dream i know ’ it doesn’t come over night’ but major devolution prospects are not clearly laid out i thot by now i think after 7yrs down the line major growth on those undeveloping counties will be felt but not a wind of hope is felt. I think the jubilee shud actually reorganize its main goals not only for the embetterment of nairobi resident or getting free secondary education but thinking of three high standard colleges in every county is better off than having free education in nairobi…am not saying this forgeting about those less developed counties but they deserve tht free secondary n large colleges thn having free secondary or having some of those projects on jubilee manifestos. Jubilee is doing a great job but its going contrary to the devolution work thats what i think. Dont bring up the storys about the roads they built n hospital they upgraded at those areas i already know but thts just a pinch of the salt not 100% what the devolution dream is for every 5term a president serves.Making every county to have the same by standards as nairobi or the developed counties.

Glad you picked that up, I also noticed some clerical error, but since there was no big budget assigned to do that report, then you can easily overlook that.

Just give it time, I think people are just now realising the power of devolution and that they can actually influence what is done for them, case in point the attempted impeachment of governors, and when that failed, mot governors especially in central were embarrassingly kicked out for lack of development and progress! But you cannot deny, even laying down the infrastructure for devolution is a cumbersome task, so I see hope for the country moving forward.

Your breakdown is also very revealing, although for some counties, you put in the wrong party.

The data is available in the CIDP’s

is this history?

there are plans to make it even more regular

with this kind of information one could make a killing in consulting.

Is your name Mwiti?