State House cars to be auctioned for as low Sh110,000

Ranger rovers, Mercedes benz, Toyota Prados and a van are among the models put out for sale for as low as Sh110, 000 with the highest being a range rover which its price has been capped at Sh1.25 million.

Successful bidders will be required to pay 25 percent of the purchase price in cash for the lots on the same day and the balance being paid in cash within seven days.

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Billionaires wa kijiji wajishikie Range rover ile ya Uhuru na VX at only Ksh 110,000.

Rustler hapana amini gari ya serikali banae … can’ t trust the government for fuck all man …

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Sirkal ya wakora itaiba parts zote za engine.

Tutapata ni scrap yenye staff wa Jomo walitumia.