Hi guyz, last time I posted a thread to get your opinion on the branding and printing business. mainly T-shirts, jerseys, mugs among others. Today I am officially starting the business with only 3 of the important equipment. Heat press, plotter, and printer. pray it goes well. any additional advice or opinion is welcomed. Hope pia mtanunua merchandize.

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Jah bless.

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Can you design?

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Why dont you put location and contacts of business kiyana.

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Wish you success, update us on the progress/put location.

Hii printer ulibuy how much ?

Quality and guarantee of durability is key.You have potential boom during elections

All the best

That is really great that you are starting out your own business!
Unfoertunately, I didn’t see your previous threads, so there will be some pieces of advice that you don’t need.
First of all, I do recommend to design logos along with printing them. That will give you influx of clients and money. Do some design online courses instead of hiring people for that. If you make your own designs, you’ll be able to monetize it.
Second of all, make a website and pay much attention to SMM. Nowadays it is vital to be talked about and you should also keep your reputation. If your business doesn’t have the website, you don’t have business. So, under no condition should you underrate the driving force of the Internet nowadays.
Finally, I advise you to find a good lawyer and think about legal side of business. Surely, I believe that you want to do everything legally and pay all the taxes. However, there are often conflicts between businesses and customers. You’d better think about it in advance in order not to waste time in future on finding a ‘good’ lawyer which may cause you to waste much money.
Anyway, that is great that you have decided to take responsibility for your personal life by starting a business. Never lose motivation!

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Hapo sawa

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Hes starting small mzeiya. Ama sure atafika kwenye advises. Aki grow then he will need the stuff you mentioned

Pricing ya hizi jobs

Good advice but some parts like lawyer, website may come later.
Logos don’t hold a big percentage. Banners, ID cards like staff, students etc, business cards, access cards kina MIFARE, stickers especially za makampuni zinaokoleaga sana. I’ve been there

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Textbook biz vs rubber-meets-road biz

design good, then you should be very aware of color theory

will make your clients know there’s something good about your work, but they can’t put a finger on what it is.

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Good luck Garfield.

how was your price breakdown?
since it’s easy to overcharge some people without them realizing it, especially the ignorant clients

For individual pple, for example those who get contracts and comes to you, have a flat rate. These pple communicate and also know how other designers are charging. Designing is not even the major thing, make sure you have printers. Unadesign na unaprint client anasema kama iko sawa. Then you do all the work, designing and printing. There are those you can charge high eg institutions. I used to do AAR cards and yes, those guys pay well. Kutafuta contracts ndio noma

mbona ukasepa io industry? kandarasi za gova zishawai kosa interference?

It was my brother’s business but I was holding the major activities. Govt tenders are tricky and not easy to get. Btw there are far much better deals than za govt. Ukipata tenders za colleges and big firms utakuwa utakuwa sawa. Unfortunately many institutions have bought their printers so labda wakupee kazi ya kusupply consumables and services. For him he imports and supplies the datacard printers, ribbons, all type of cards and other consumables.