Starting An Independent Petrol Station

Do you want to start an Independent Petrol Station?

Then get this 47 page guide which contains:

[li]Overview [/li][li]A Brief on Franchises [/li][li]Licensing [/li][li]National Environmental Management Authority License (NEMA) [/li][li]Energy Regulatory Commission Licenses [/li][li]Construction Permits and Related Licenses [/li][li]Fire Inspectorate License [/li][li]Outdoor Advertising License [/li][li]Company Registration [/li][li]Weights and Measures Permit [/li][li]County Business Permit [/li][li]Public Health License [/li][li]Professional Fees [/li][li]Set Up [/li][li]Process and Civil Works [/li][li]Layout [/li][li]Canopy [/li][li]Equipment [/li][li]Fuel Dispensers [/li][li]Underground Storage Tanks [/li][li]Other Equipment [/li][li]Fuel Suppliers [/li][li]Operations [/li][li]Selling [/li][li]Cash Management [/li][li]Location and Premises [/li][li]Revenue [/li][li]Margins [/li][li]Prices [/li][li]Operational Expenses [/li][li]Electricity [/li][li]Labour [/li][li]Security [/li][li]Rent [/li][li]Sales / What Influences Revenue [/li][li]Non Fuel Products [/li][li]Lubricants [/li][li]Service Bay [/li][li]Car Wash [/li][li]Capital Breakdown [/li][li]Notes on Capital [/li][li]Suppliers [/li][li]A Brief on Competition [/li][li]Critical Success Factors [/li][li]Appendix[/li][/ul]

We research and prepare the guides, thus after purchase you can call us for any clarifications. And this guide has been used to start successful petrol stations. One of the latest being Zed Oil in Kwale town.

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Wakenya hawapendi kubrainstorm , copy & paste everytime. Nilikua shags I saw 5 petrol stations after every 500 metres.

Wale investors wa simu ya jamii na quails wako pande gani siku hizi?

Monkey see, monkey do.

I will revisit this post in 2021

Petrol station Haina pesa.

Said who? Unajua una sema nini wewe

Leta information na uache hekaya

Very true. At times the market is too crowded. However at other times the market is presently big enough for an extra player. The market could also be growing such that currently it might be small but big in the future.

Then there are those who want to make money without reinventing the wheel.

When capital is limited you could opt to go for what has been tested and with proof. Monkey see. Monkey do … Monkey make some money…

. You know rather than ’ innovate ’ . There are risks in both approaches.


there is no money huko, hio imekuwa another avenuje ya kusafisha pesa kenya

Ati fetoro haina mbesha?

For a 50m+ investment??? Ata heri nikopeshe serikal

Muranga - kenol- nyeri highway…hizi ni shell za mwangi wa mamiroko. Ni kazi tu.