Starting a Business - First 3 Months

Hello everyone, guys who successfully or unsuccessfully navigated quitting employment.

How was the first 3 months after you started your business?

How long was it until your business could cater for your regular expenses?

How did you deal with doubt, anxiety?

What was the journey of getting your first customers like?


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Weh ruka anza biashara acha maswali mingi, you’ll learn to fly on the way down ama uanguke ikufe

It depends ni what kinda biz it is.

  1. Rent is always DUE

Hii kuuliza maswali mingi ukitaka kujua experience ya kila mtu ndio inaleta doubts and anxiety.

Clarity comes from engagement. Just jump.

Start small (risk management 101).

Hapo pengine the variables are too many. You will have to find that out on your own.

one task at a time… kesho will be kesho…

Niko hapo kwa anxiety phase as things seem to have gone segemnege. Nikivuka nitakupea hekaya.

6 months is where you will gage things. 3 months is never nice for anyone, unless you jumped into Ma3 business where cash is daily.


3 months sio enough kusema kuko ivi ama vile.

Weka pesa ya recurrent expenditure ya miezi kama sita kando… Na usibishane na dhamiri yako ukifanya biashara. If it don’t feel right forget it.


Ni kama umefutwa kazi juzi and you want to try your hand kwa fiashara :D:D:D:D:D

I know anxiety is killing you but if you persevere long enough, you will be fine

Fellow scholar, this is not something to say to a fellow debating suicide or soldiering on. Andragogy demands that you respect the seeker of knowledge as someone who has a rough idea of what he/she wants unlike the case in pedagogy.

I’ve not been fired. I decided to take the plunge

You must always be willing to work with very minimal profit margins at first, price your products/services slightly below the competition but not too low. That dupes clients very first and word starts to spread around and you get referrals. After umenasa hao pandisha price kidogo kidogo tu until the business is able to cater for your other expenses

Have you already?

Registered yet? (Business name, Limited company).
Got Support service providers ready? (Bank Accounts, Web providers, Logistics services etal)…

Umefika wapi?

I had everything in place

Bank Account
Prototype tested in the market

What I am short of is money (obviously) and had taken too long to give it a go

Good thing. Now set for that meeting.
You will be surprised at how smooth these things go.
Just a word of advise.Keep it all in written and signed agreements

usiwai jaribu kuingia Matatu business unless you are the driver.