start a video hall business

Hi,i want to start a video hall business for playing football matches and movies.can it hack or everyone is in the video games lounges?

You live in Kayole?


following for a friend n [FONT=Courier New]myself[/FONT]

Thought people prefer watching games in clubs or their homes.

Video dens are for another market segment.


Get some time and visit Wembley pale Waruku near kangemi. Talk to a guy called Jemo akuelezee hii maneno. Ask for my local’s till number later.


Am also interested, especially on licenses and permits

i think it can depending on how decent it will be. Huku naonanga place inaitwa the hague, they only show football matches na hua inajaa zaidi. They have nice plastic seats and a 49 inch tv,cold water is available. a very decent place for everyone free of alcohol remember muslims form a large population here


Depends on the hood.

sasa sisi waisilamu tutaingia club vipi

Tafuta slum but karao watakusumbua especially game za usiku za Champions League.

watching ball is a social activity ,sasa watu hupenda kuwatch na mabeste pia vile imax nadhani ni expensive.ama vipi?

hii ni market segment gani

Movies zii. In 2 years unless ni mashambai sioni movie biniz ikiwa bado

I dont hold that opinion,in low income areas this is quite a lucrative business, and remember not everybody goes to a club to watch football and not everyone has dstv in their houses.

so high school kids and college guys who can get at least 30 bob are the ones who fill up the venue especially during fottball games.

nakwambia the atmosphere apo ndani is electric wacha ile ya old trafford

@Big G ati kameshika kuliko old trafford…low income ni kangemi…kayole

everyone has DSTV nowadays, and Movies are just 50bob.

huku tunakuanga na ata wazee

yeah shida naona ni security

Thats a very nice hustle.shida tu ni space.ju the normal spaces ni za duka niko na tv 50 inch oldskul lcd nauza ukifanikiwa