Start A Business - 50 Business Guides

Do you want to start any of the following businesses?

Printing Business- March 2017 - 55 pgs
Petrol Station (Independent) - 47 pgs
Fish Supply - Nairobi Hotels Quick Survey
Gym - 38 pages
Courier – 35 pgs
Chemist -Retail - 31 pgs
Leather : Skins Trade -26pgs
Timber Yard - 32 pgs
Sifted Maize Flour Mill - 46pgs
‘Local’ Bar - 48pgs
Beef Butchery -31 pages
Pork Butchery & Eatery - 28 pgs
Laundry - 31 pages
Selling Cake Boxes
Fish Suppy - Nairobi Hotels Quick Overview
Mitumba Clothes ( R)
Fruit / Juice Parlor
Slot Machines Quick Guide
Money Lending - Informal Overview
Chips & Chicken Cafe
Senator Keg Bar
Selling Cookies
Gas (LPG) Retail (R)
Motorcycle Spare Parts (R)
Ice Lollies Making ( Quick Guide )
Paint Mixing ( Informal Quick Guide)
Second Hand Novels (R)
Car Wash Quick Guide
Ice Lollies Making ( Quick Guide )
Milk Distributorship
Gift Service
Tents & Chairs Leasing
Free Advertiser Magazine ( Quick Guide & Case Study )
Hair Salon
M-pesa Sub Agent
Executive Barber Shop
Movie Shop
Chapati Wholesale (Case Study)
Smokies & Egg Vending
Flowers - Nairobi (Retail/ Wholesale )
Supermarket Shelf Space Guide
Tomato ( Greenhouse ) - Quick Market & Production Guide
Chicken Butchery
Boda Boda
Various Infopacks

Invest wisely by getting street smart market surveys, guides and info packs with the sweet or harsh reality of the market.

Actual Facts & Figures on Revenue, Mark Up,Wholesale, Retail prices,Competition, Survival rate, Differentiation, Capital, Process,How To,Equipment, Suppliers, Opportunities, Licenses, Consumer Behavior, Manpower Tips, Tricks & so so much more.

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