Stars hopes dimmed

They cannot proceed to knockout stages after Cameroon drew with Benin.
Rudini home.


Lakini ukiangalia hiyo game its like cameroon were match fixing hiyo possesion yao it must have been in the 80% range. There was no attacking kabisa.

Acha warudi, Uzuri hao Benin hawana pesa mpya!

Arab teams will play each other in the final

It’s no surprise

I highly doubt that

Ohh yeah they fear kenya soo much

match fixing live live…haidhuru.

Caneroon wanted a draw ndo wasipatane na Naija

We arabs will win it

Hope is not a sporting term. :smiley:

Hata huduma no hawana, tulishindwa kwa sababu tulikuwa tunaomboleza Bob.

Ghassia mod,

Unajua difference ya dimmed na dashed?

Same Nigeria walloped by Madagascar?
What’s there to fear in such a team?
This is one of the most disjointed and ineffective Super Eagles squad I have seen in a long time.

Swara man did this

Niaje nurse

Yeap the same Nigeria. If Benin lost to Cameroon right now we would have proceeded.

Stars are dimmed not dashed.
Ulikuwa urudi Thursday… Swara!

if you watched both games against Algeria and Senegal, you know we don’t deserve it. so mnataka kuchpwa 5-0 after defending 90+ mins??