Stage 14 - Montélimar / Villars-les-Dombes Parc des Oiseaux - 208.5 km

Where are the cyclists here in the village? Are you trying to join the Tour in Montélimar?

Emotions have been extremely high at the Tour de France with two days marred by an incident on the way to the Mont Ventoux, the tragedy in Nice and a tribute paid to the victims rather than the celebrations of Tom Dumoulin’s win by an enormous margin in the time trial held in the beautiful Ardèche. The peloton needs some quiet time to be reunited before fighting again. The 187 remaining riders will head north in the Rhône valley with three category 4 climbs on the course of stage 14. It shouldn’t disturb the plans of the sprinters’ teams. Etixx-Quick Step, Lotto-Soudal, Dimension Data and Katusha are expected to lead the bunch and prepare for a bunch gallop. Mark Cavendish is the most successful of them so far this year but he’s always hungry for more. Marcel Kittel can’t be satisfied with only one victory. André Greipel and Alexander Kristoff are yet to strike. There are the young ones as well, like Bryan Coquard, Dan McLay, Dylan Groenewegen, kncking on the door. The Parc des Oiseaux (birds’ park) is watching them…

Wazi wazi bro for this preview, was busy in the morning session walking for a worthy cause.

Cavendish gonna win today

He he. Ukaawambia waandike MM.

Huyo jamaa alimaka akaniangalia na ile macho ya kushangaa wondering what kind of name is that

:D:D Wacha madharau ndogo ndogo msee alaf ukiandika kwa thread ya huyu mummy unaandika na kilami kwake swa ni noma msee


Pewa tusker mbili on my bill
cavendish takes it
It’s four wins for Cavendish
And five for the African team
Africa leads.

Wait, there are Africans??

Thanks a lot, no one beats Cavendish on the sprint, umeona hio gap amewaacha nayo?

@Meria Mata as you can see the color of my name (or nick) is pink meaning I’m a lady;). No problem that you guessed that I’m a male. You are right my nick is very rare, it is a celtic name.

By the way, most names used in this village are weird to me, I see the color of the name and hope my “suspicion” is right.:smiley:

Thanks for the info, guess i was tired from the mornings walk.
Anyway my guy won as predicted, tomorrow Froomedog will take the honors in the mountains.
How do you say gd night in your language?

Good night in German = gute Nacht and in the celtic language like my nick it is “noz vat”

Ok lemme step in a little for @Meria Mata. Noz vat

Devezh mat = good morning for both of you :slight_smile:

Devezh mat Breizh missed streaming it yesterday naona Cavendish aliwaonyesha vumbi

Davezh mat and have a gd day,
Stage 15 review coming up