staff housing

in a certain place we worked staff were given a 2 bedroom house .But the catch was that after some time people were being asked to share the houses .Eventually people left .What are your thougts on this matusi welcome

mtu ako na familia hawes share nyumba bana

Just asking, are u by any chance a police officer?


if it’s in an outpost like Kargi you share coz there may not even be housing in the nearby market but in Nakuru hapana. it gets tricky when in disciplined forces/ emergency work corps where you should be within klaxon-hearing distance…


Pengine students.

are you a teacher?

He can’t miss the two


are you an intern doc @ some county? that happens. ukiteremshiwa bendera jirani anaskia

Nyumba shared usipeleke familia, afadhali uwachukulie hata ka single mahali ingine

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If by any chance you are allocated a room with a fool like @Mosa ,kwanini usihame ?


Me kukienda ivo lasma najitoa vibaya sana, not unless am in Bute/Takaba/Ramu etc

In my home town the houses are allocated depending on your job group. Job group D na P hamwes kupewa nyumba the same. From K downwards mnapewa ka single mnalipa like 1500/- while those above that scale mnapewa One Bedroom na kuendelea

Am not that bad… nikifika kwa keja natulianga kama maji ya mtungi… by the mtungi na kizungu ni? Door ama ni drum

Hii ni recruit