Squeaking noise on front tire

There is a high pitched squeaking noise constantly coming from the front tire…
Before it was sporadic but at the moment iko continuous what could be causing this…

you probably need to get your brake pads replaced

Rough idea on how much this will cost

Check the following:

  1. First suspect, the back plate. Some mechanics forget to push it back after replacing the brake pads
  2. Brake pads zimeisha.
  3. Rotor imekulwa and does not align with the brake pads and caliper.
  4. The bearing for the rotor is kaput. If that’s the case, don’t do a press with a new bearing. Buy the whole things. Ex japan itaweza pia.
  5. Finally, check the CV joint. But this is less likely.

Have you checked the condition of the brake pads? If they are ok, it means that they are somehow loose and you need to tighten them inside the callipers using some special pieces of tin or rubber sheath

make and model ?

Depends on the vehicle type. Gari kidogo can be as low as ksh500

Honda stream

This no 3 of rotor being eaten some mechanic was telling me it needs to be machined/regrind coz ilikua imekulika ndani kidogo having a raised surface on the edges… This was during normal service but thought ni panganga

around 2k including mechanic

These are brake pads for one wheel…

both front wheels
its senseless to change one side only

Then I guess you’re almost sorting this thing out. If there were visual defects you could start there. But I recommend you get a good ex Japan rotor than trying to repair. You can get na 3K bila bearing na calipers. (Hub)

Nunua ingine hapo ni pata potea, utajisumbua bure ukiregrind

Check minimum thickness of rotors as specified by Honda, then replace both rotors & pads for both wheels.

The process is called skimming

Not advisable to do it more than 3rice

And most importantly when doing skimming of the disk drum and brake pads GO TO AN EXPERT. They really need to align. You go to the wrong person your car when you brake will wobble and rattle as if the world is coming to an end.